The Blade’s Edge – September Update

Well August has been a busy month, but not for gaming. Moving into September we have a much different tale to tell as we get out of the summer lull and into the fall season. We’ll have new episodes to watch, new games to play, and new things to talk about… and as we approach the dawn of our next console generation we’ll have more and more announcements to discuss. It’s an exciting time. But let’s get into specifics shall we… here’s what I have planned for September! 

First and foremost, I’ve finished Tales of Xillia and will be writing a review of it soon. I also am going to do an impressions piece for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as I’ve been getting a lot of playtime out of that. Once I’ve sunk some time into the Vita version of Pixeljunk Monsters, I’d like to do the same for it. I’ve also started Dokuro, so something should be forthcoming about it after I’ve finished it. But those are all things that have already come out… what am I planning to play this month you ask?

Well what a fantastic question that is… and it all starts with September 3rd. There are numerous games coming out this next week, but I’ll be absolutely taking a look at Diablo 3’s console release, and I might grab Rayman Legends. Following that, on the 10th, we have Puppeteer coming out which is an absolute must for me. But also on the 10th I’ll be losing my Kingdom Hearts virginity as I am going to be grabbing the HD 1.5 Remix when it is released. I am interested in seeing how The Wonderful 101 is received, but I have no intention of playing it myself. There are a few other interesting games coming out, including a One Piece game, Total War: Rome 2, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons… I’m not sure if I’ll be checking any of them out, but they’re on my list if I have time and inclination.

On the anime front, I’m continuing to watch Attack on Titan and Arata the Legend. I’ve also recently started watching Mushubgyo and Chobits. If I’m able to finish any of these, you’ll see reviews. Also, I’m still aiming to do a piece about Attack on Titan’s first story arc. I’d like to revisit Sword Art Online in a Spoiler Alert article, going more in-depth about it if I have time. I may also try to do the same for Another, since I had to be so vague before. This one’s still up for debate though. Sadly, I’ve mostly run out of things to watch and have already written about most of them.

I’ve been watching the LCS finals that have been happening lately, and I would like to do a post about e-sports in general and the LCS in specific. As far as other writing, I still haven’t gotten to the Spotlight from Ai-Kon. There have been illnesses, computer problems, and other occurrences that have kept us from getting the photos post-processed so I have to apologize on that front. I have had a few other chances to get some nice pictures and am hoping to get some of these all up and ready soon. But I just don’t know when the opportunity will be there… but soon, I hope. Additionally, I’ve been looking out for good AMVs, but haven’t seen any that have been spectacular in the past few weeks, but if I find any I’ll make sure to share them with you.

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