Account/Comment Issues Resolved

As mentioned on Friday, we had been made aware that readers were experiencing problems with commenting and account creation. It turns out that these were a result of a change we’d made a while back to try to cut down on the amount of spam sign-ups and comments the site was receiving – literally hundreds on some days. While these changes did help to reduce the amount of spam, they also rendered it impossible to sign up for new accounts and comment with them unless an admin was waiting to manually promote the account.

I apologize for this, and I’m sorry for how long it took to notice this. However, this weekend we’ve been working to try to find a solution that will make it both easier to comment, and easier for us to deal with spam. We’ve made the choice to use Disqus, a third-party service that manages communities for websites and gives users a single log-in that can be used across multiple communities. With Disqus handling the comments and the spam that came with them, for now we have disabled registration with the Shadowed Blade website. We are definitely looking into the possibility of setting up an integrated log-in in the future.

For those of you who already have accounts with Shadowed Blade, unfortunately you will need to sign up with Disqus in order to continue posting. For those who have been experiencing issues signing up and commenting, this change should remove the barriers to commenting. You can sign up for Disqus either directly through the comments section on any post or by accessing the Disqus website, and you can log into existing Disqus accounts through the comments as well.

Thank you for your patience, and hopefully we can move forward and actually build a community here now that we have a reliable and easy to use comment system.

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