AMV Spotlight – Ano Hana

It has been far too long, but it’s finally time… time for another spotlight of someone’s brilliant creativity. Today we have an AMV that I found on by user Acton70 for an anime I watched and reviewed last year: Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day… I had been waiting for computer issues to be resolved so I could upload the video for purposes of embedding it, but if you’d prefer you can also download it here.

This is an AMV that I was impressed with not due to any technical tomfoolery(ps. I love that word), but because it so eloquently captures the essence of the show. The struggles of each character, the hidden loneliness of Menma, and the pivotal moments that define the show’s ending few episodes. If you haven’t watched Ano Hana, I wouldn’t recommend this AMV because it does contain some pretty significant plot spoilers. But if you have, I strongly recommend this AMV.

I’ve been looking for a good Ano Hana AMV that didn’t just focus on the pseudo-romance between the title character and Jintan, and it’s been a real challenge. It’s easy to find ones that focus on the hopeful future or the subtle happiness found between our two leads, and I could do a dozen spotlights of AMVs in those areas, but I wanted to find a good AMV that thoroughly explored the show’s present. Ano Hana is a show that has driven grown men to tears, and will do so again… it seems like a waste for an AMV to not explore such poignant moments. So that was what I looked for, and when I’d begun to thought it just wasn’t out there to be found, I stumbled upon this AMV.

If there was one flaw I could point to, it would be that the AMV does take a bit too linear of an approach to the clips, almost relying on the story to tell itself rather than restructuring to tell a new take on it. It’s something I see a lot, and while it doesn’t inherently bother me, it does take away from the impact the video could have had. That aside, this AMV reminds me why I cried during Ano Hana, and threatened to bring tears back to my eyes just watching it, and for that reason I’d like to share it with you, linear or otherwise.

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