The Blade’s Edge – October Update

Well, it’s October. Summer is long gone, we’re into full on excitement mode. The Autumn season of Anime is beginning, the summer lull is behind us, and it’s not quite too cold to go outside yet!

First off, in event news… Winnipeg’s annual comics and toy convention, the Central Canada Comic Con (C4 for short) will be happening on November 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Make note of it now since come Halloween you won’t have time to make plans if you’d like to attend. I will be attending, despite not being terribly impressed last year, on the hopes that they’ve made some improvements. At the very least there will be pictures. So look forward to that!

Moving on, we’re in the middle of the start of the fall anime season, so there are a literal ton of new shows coming out if you’re interested. I’ll be watching a few of them, but it’ll probably be Christmas or so before any of them are far enough in for me to really give you my impressions. I do still have that AMV sitting in my pocket that I’d like to write about, so I’m hoping to do that one this month. I also am going to be writing about Arata the Legend’s first arc and Gosick both of which I very recently finished watching.

But my biggest plans for this month are on the gaming front. I just posted my review of Tales of Xillia, which is a good start. But I’m going to be starting my ‘most anticipated of 2014’ series later this month, which will be a weekly article spotlighting one of the games I’m painfully excited for in the coming year. Near the end of this month I’m planning to do some sort of ‘best of the generation’ article, not sure the exact details yet though.

Recently I’ve also been playing Diablo 3’s console version, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, and Dokuro – as I get through them you can expect something on them. I have Puppeteer sitting on my console waiting for the right time for me to give it attention, don’t know for certain when that’ll be as I have a ton of stuff waiting for me, and more coming out every week almost. Rain, for example, has just launched so you can be absolutely certain there will be something covering that. Furthermore we have Beyond: Two Souls, Disgaea D2, Valhalla Knights 3, and Pokémon X/Y coming out. All of which are titles I would like to take a look at in some form or another. Finally, I plan to do an Impressions post for Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD, which I was playing this past month and recently have moved on from.

Finally, on a photography front… I have a huge backlog of pictures that I’ve already taken that have yet to be processed. There have been a lot of issues with getting this content processed and good to go on the website’s gallery, so I’m sorry for all the delays. I would like to get at least some of it done but since the issues have not been entirely resolved as yet, I can’t promise anything here.

Here’s looking forward to a busy month! Have fun and Happy Gaming.

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