Most Anticipated of 2014 – Sunset Overdrive

Okay, so maybe I was slightly exaggerating when I said the Xbox One had no exclusives I was interested in… there is in fact one Xbox One title that I was really surprised to see as an exclusive, given who is making it. This game will be the main reason I buy an Xbox One next year. Made by Insomniac, the developers behind Ratchet and Clank, Sunset Overdrive looks to be closer to what we were all hoping Fuse would be just with ZOMBIES…

Announced alongside the Xbox One as one of their ‘8 new IPs’ for the Xbox One, the trailer showed off some of the most eccentric zombie slaying goodness I’ve ever seen. Guys sliding down power lines, huge explosions, and more…

Since giving us that glorious trailer, they’ve mostly gone silent. They’re not only planning to just create the game and forget it though… there are rumours that they’re planning to add more and more crazier and crazier things after release. The game is designed to be the ultimate ‘open world’ zombie game, allowing you the freedom to be creative while allowing them the freedom to incorporate items, weapons, or popculture references wherever possible.

Now, we’ve been burned by them before when Overstrike became Fuse… but once again they’ve created something that offers amazing possibilities and I, for one, am very excited to see where this all goes.


Sadly this really is the only current Xbox One exclusive I’m actually looking forward to, but there are still many games to be excited for in the coming year and I’ll be back talking about the last remaining console next week: The Wii-U. And yes, the Wii-U does actually have some good stuff coming to it, check back next week to find out more! And this week I am hoping to have all of my launch PS4 reviews up, Contrast went up yesterday and Resogun and Knack are to come!

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