Blade’s Edge Update – January and Plans for the Year

Hello folks, can you believe it’s the end of the year already? Time has blown by this year, and it’s been a crazy year. I’m making this post both as my regular update of what I plan for next month, and also to share some of my overall plans for the next year.

Photography and Events

We haven’t been as diligent with the photography as I’d like. We still have some of the Ai-Kon, all of C4, a few other assorted pictures, and one photoshoot to process. A major contributing factor to this was that we no longer had access to the post-processing software we’d been using and due to budget issues were unable to get it again for a while – this stuff is expensive! That has changed, we have our software again and we’ll be hopefully getting some of the backlog cleared up. To the person with the photoshoot pictures I haven’t polished up for you, I’m truly sorry it’s taken so long to get this done.

Coming up, I’ll be attending several events this year. There’s a gathering being hosted by a local anime club – the Tomodachi Anime Club – at the Forks near the beginning of January that I will be attending. It’s a fairly small event, so I don’t know if there will be many opportunities for pictures, but I’ll have my camera and hopefully we’ll be able to get some. Additionally, in February Ai-Kon will be once again holding Winterfest and I will be attending that as well. This, being a slightly larger event, is almost certain to have plenty of opportunities for pictures. Additionally, I will be making certain to attend both Ai-Kon and C4 again during the summer and fall. I’d like to make it to KeyCon as well this year. Beyond that, I am going to try to see if there’s any way I can swing going to Blizzcon, should Blizzard hold another one this year.


For those of you who primarily come here for the anime content, and I know you’re probably the majority, I have good news. One of my big focuses this year will be on increasing the amount of anime coverage I do. I have at least two anime reviews for recent anime coming up. The plan for reviewing anime is to watch the show until the first break in the show. Most anime seem to have either a brief break or an arc ending around the 12-15 episode mark.

So I’ll review the anime based off of up to that point providing my opinions and first impressions on the show to that point. Following that, if the anime shows any drastic switch in tone or any drastic change for the better or worse, I’ll do a second review or update. A good example is Sword Art Online. The two reviews I did for SAO are a good example of the way I’m planning to do it going forward.

Additionally I’d like to do more supplementary anime content like lists and AMV spotlights. We’ll see how that goes, but they’re things I’d like to have make a regular appearance.


For the most part gaming content will be largely unchanged. I’ll be continuing with the reviews mostly as normal.

I will be trying to but a bit greater focus on finding the games and genres I love – things like JRPGs and the smaller more niche Japanese-inspired titles. But aside from that, the gaming content isn’t likely to see much of a change overall with one noteworthy exception: I am going to be giving streaming a try sometime soon. It will probably start with Diablo 3 or League of Legends, but if it goes well I would like to expand beyond that.

As with everything above, if anyone has any suggestions or anything they’d like to see me write about, I’m open to ideas. Feel free to either post them in the comments below or e-mail them to


Moving on to my plans for January… this should be a fairly busy month. We’re ending the fall anime season, so I’d like to get at least 3, if not 4 anime reviews up this month. I’ve finished watching Arpeggio of Blue Steel and the first story arcs in Strike the Blood. I’ve also been watching White Album 2 and Kill La Kill, and there are a few others I’m planning to watch. I also still want to do that AMV Spotlight that I didn’t make time for this month.

Additionally, I just finished Zelda: Link Between Worlds and I’m quite close to finishing the story in Guided Fate Paradox so expect reviews for those this month. Sadly, this is another slow month for game releases, so there won’t be a lot of new content coming out. I have recently started playing both Tearaway and Ys: Memories of Celcetta on my Vita, so I’d like to finish at least one of them for a review later this month.

The only new game coming out this month that I’m really interested in is the PS4 version of Don’t Starve, which I’ll be giving a try when it comes out.


Finally, I just wanted to thank everyone who reads this for making this year significantly busier than last year. The reason I keep writing is because I know there’re a few of you out there who enjoy reading – so thank you for that.

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