Most Anticipated of 2014 – Persona 5

Recently Persona 5 was announced. Admittedly, this is just the Japanese release that was announced, but someday one of these games has to have a global release, right? Right? Okay, fine, it’s a pipe dream, but I’m excited enough that I’m going to include it anyways.

Back near the beginning of this year I finished the Vita release of Persona 4, subtitled ‘The Golden’. It was a truly fascinating game experience, combining a varied and rich story with exciting gameplay and deep strategy. It was the first game I’d ever played that got away with a  3+ hour introduction that featured virtually no action… without ever making me feel like it was running at too slow a pace. It was fascinating and something completely new to me.

Needless to say, I loved it and I started looking forward to another similar experience. With the recent announcement of Persona 5, I felt it had to be included just to ensure Atlus knows how excited we here on this side of the pond were for it.

The brief teaser for this fifth incarnation hints at a theme of slavery… which is a fascinating theme that I hope they take full advantage of, since it’s one that isn’t often touched. Given their history of quality storytelling, I am excited for it. And with it being on the PS3 and quite likely taking advantage of the engine used for Catherine… this could be an impressive looking game too.

Sadly, aside from that and a brief confirmation that P5 will maintain the High School setting but with a different atmosphere, we have few details. But it’s Persona, and the Persona team knows their fanbase and seems to know how to tailor their games to that audience perfectly so we’re likely to be in for a treat here.

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