Most Anticipated of 2014 – Wii-U Exclusives

Yes, you read correct. Nintendo actually have two big exclusives coming out (one hopes) in 2014 – ones that will likely be exciting enough to get me to finally break down and purchase a Wii-U. I just hope these games support the classic controller….

Bayonetta 2

The first Bayonetta was one of those polarizing games… either you loved it, or you hated it. There was no middle ground… very few people felt it was just ‘okay’. I loved it. The crazy over the top style, the incredibly fast pace of the action, the overdramatization of the sexualization of the main character, the ridiculous story, the eclectic soundtrack… it all combined to create an experience unlike anything else.

So naturally I was excited for the prospect of a sequel… but then found out it was going to be a Wii-U exclusive and I started to get worried. Nintendo’s recent track record is not good… but fortunately, this one is only being produced by Nintendo and thus far it appears they’ve mostly stayed out of Platinum’s way in the development process – so hopefully we’ll be in for a treat.

Now, as far as information goes… well, that’s a little bit sparse. We’ve been assured it’s well along in development, we’ve seen a teaser or two, and we’ve seen an image of the new look for Bayonetta… but aside from that, we know nothing. But that’s par for the course these days.

X (Working Title)

This one’s even more mysterious. We’ve seen a few absolutely gorgeous teasers, but ultimately we don’t even know this project’s real name.

Coming to us from the same fine folks who made Xenoblade Chronicles (and other Xeno games), we can assume the X is designed to be a reference to that, but ultimately we don’t know.

Appearing to be an Open World Action game featuring mechs and other stuff, we know just barely enough to make it exciting. It’s unfortunate that they’re being so tightlipped as more information could generate interest for a console desperately in need of it. But, for those who weren’t aware of this game, it’s definitely one to keep on your radar. Current information points to a 2014 release, so let’s cross our fingers they make that, shall we?


Well there you have it, the Wii-U titles I’m actually excited for. Yep, they actually exist! Check back later this week for a review of Resogun, and next Tuesday I’ll be revealing my most anticipated titles coming in 2014 that were funded through Kickstarter! We’ve got a pretty wide array of genres next week, so should be exciting for everyone!

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