Blade’s Edge Update – February Edition

January is over, and it’s been a rough month. I injured my foot pretty bad, and had a nasty flu (as did my wife, who does my editing and post-processing), so we lost about a week of time working on everything which is why a lot of my content is a bit delayed… sorry for the large gap. Feeling better now, and hoping things will keep going that route. But that’s not why you’re here, now is it? Let’s get on with February!

First and foremost, right near the beginning of the month we have an event I’m very excited for… Ai-Kon’s Winterfest. Anyone who reads this website knows how much I love Ai-Kon every year… and Winterfest is a 1-day chance to forget that it’s Winter here in Winnipeg and remember how great Ai-Kon is. Really excited for it, and it’s only a week or so away. Should be some great costumes there too.

Moving on from that, February is the first really big month this year for gaming. There are numerous games, although most of them are likely to be long ones so I don’t know if I’ll finish them quick as I’d like. First and foremost, we have Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. I’ve got a preorder of that already, and I’m hoping that it gets here promptly so I can get started on it. February will also be the release month for Toukiden: Age of Demons for the Vita, a monster hunter style game that looks pretty impressive. After that comes Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, which I’ve been awaiting for quite a long time. Last, but certainly not least, will come Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles. Given how much is coming this month, I think it may be unlikely that I’ll find time to play this last one, but fingers are crossed. As far as other gaming stuff, I’m very close to finished Ys: Memories of Celcetta, so I should be reviewing that soon.

On the anime side… there are quite a few shows on my plate right now. Currently, the ones I’m gravitating towards are Kill La Kill, Gallilei Donna, Strike the Blood, Log Horizon, Magical Warfare, and Nobunaga The Fool. The Fall and Winter seasons have been full of so many interesting and enjoyable shows and I’m really enjoying the flood of good titles. The Winter seasons won’t be ready for review until March or April, but there are still a few I haven’t covered from Fall yet.

We can expect reviews of at least 2, but hopefully more anime reviewed this month. I’ll also be writing about Winterfest and taking some pictures there hopefully as well. And I plan to review at least 3 of the above games this month. We’ll see what other content I manage to come up with, but I’ve got a few ideas!

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