Blade’s Edge Update – March Edition

I can’t believe we’re already into March. This year feels like it has just flown by, there’s never enough time in the day, and with us getting into the big months for gaming, and into the Spring season for anime soon, it’s bound to be busier still.

On a gaming front, I’ve decided that I won’t be reviewing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. I may make a brief opinion piece when I eventually finish it, but between Lightning Returns taking longer than expected and there being several other games I really want to get to, I will have to defer Lords of Shadow so that I can squeeze in time for those games. What games, you ask? From last month, I still want to play Strider and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, both of which I would like to review – although judging by the length of a Tales game, I don’t think I’ll be finished it this month since I want to get started on the new games as soon as possible.

What new games? Well that’s a very good question, arbitrary literary device. This month is going to be big, full of long titles that are going to devour my time, and possibly my soul along with it. Starting on the 11th, we have the long-awaited (by me anyways) Atelier Escha and Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky. That is certain to take me a while, but it’s been a while since my last dose of crafting RPG goodness, so I’m excited. On the 18th, we have the HD re-release of FFX and FFX-2, which I’d like to get to but doubt I’ll find time this month… but more importantly, on that same day we have both Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z which I would like to squish in somewhere, if possible.

Following close on the heels of that, on the 21st in fact, we have the release of Infamous: Second Son. I am truly excited to finally have something to dust off my PS4 for other than crunchyroll, so that I will be playing as soon as it comes out. And, mere days after that, we have another big day on the 25th with 3 titles that I’m interested in landing. The first of those is, of course, Diablo 3’s expansion Reaper of Souls which promises to fix everything that was wrong with Diablo 3 – okay, maybe not everything but you get the point. But we also have two smaller titles, Deception IV for the Vita, which I may be giving a try, and The Witch and the Hundred Knight for PS3. Hopefully I can find time for some of these games, but with how busy this month looks to be, I can only hope.

For you anime lovers, it’s going to be a good month too. Several of the shows I’ve been following should be reaching the ‘review’ point for me later this month. I’m anticipating Magical Warfare and Nobunaga The Fool, for certain. I may do a followup about Strike the Blood since it seems to have taken on a pretty drastic tone change from the first arc. There are a few other anime I’ve been looking at that I may watch as well, but we’ll have to see if I can find time for it all.

With regards to local events, there is a convention going on actually right now. It’s called the Wonderland Anime Festival, but I won’t be attending. After some very difficult deliberation, I’ve decided that I cannot attend on ethical grounds. I will not support an event that is not respecting the creators of the anime we all love and Wonderland Anime Festival is featuring at least 2 anime that I know for certain they have not gotten licensing approval for. I can say this with confidence because the company that owns them simply does not license them out, which means they’re likely bootlegged and certainly unlicensed copies. This is the main reason, in concert with a few other concerns, that I did not attend this event.

If there’s anything I missed that you think I should be aware of, feel free to post it below! Oh, and feel free to drop any birthday wishes below because March is, of course, my birth month!

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