Weekly Recommendations – First!

A few years back I used to do recommendation posts, offering suggestions for what to spend your precious time on. I stopped when I started running out of material for one of the categories, but I’ve decided to bring these posts back, just a little less structured. Check back every week for more!

In honour of this being my first recommendations… I’m going to share some ‘firsts’ with you.

Sailor Moon

This classic anime was, like for many others, my first real exposure to anime. The dub aired on YTV back when I was young, and I watched it avidly. I was so annoyed when they never seemed to get past the S arc, but as an adult that is not a problem as it is relatively easy to find the show to watch nowadays.

The dub gets a lot of flack, but I quite enjoyed it – even if the voices aren’t the best (and Rini is a downright nightmare). The music, on the other hand, is worth it though. But if you care more about the voices than the music, the original Japanese can be found subtitled, and is just as good – just be careful as there are a lot of bootlegged versions of this show floating around.

This is also a great way to warm yourself up for the new Sailor Moon anime set to launch later this year worldwide.

Infamous 2

If I’ve been a gamer all my life, and I clearly played the first Infamous… what ‘first’ could Infamous 2 possibly be? Well, Infamous 2 was the first game I ever got a platinum trophy for. The game had my attention so thoroughly that I went to whatever lengths to get absolute 100% completion on it, and never regretted a minut of it.

Infamous 2 is one of those games that shows companies what a ‘sequel’ should be. It improved on the first in every way, with better controls, a more interesting story, a better soundtrack, improved graphics, more interesting powers… it was clearly the same series, the same style of game… but it was simply more of it in every way.

Twitch Stream – ProfessorBroman

So lately, as some of you know, I’ve been watching a lot of speedruns on twitch. Well, wonder who the first speedrunner I really got into watching? Well, as you may have guessed, that’d be Professor Broman. I started watching him because I saw him doing a Final Fantasy 6 speedrun, which is one of my favourite RPG runs to watch.

However, his latest runs have been mostly Dark Souls II, Borderlands 2, and Broforce. The last of which I find particularly entertaining, since it feels like a midpoint between your typical RPG speedrun, which is more dictated by randomness(and how well you adapt to that randomness), and an action game speedrun which is more skill oriented. Broforce speedruns have a lot of skill, but there’s also that element of randomness in which characters you get for each stage that has a huge impact on the run. It’s quite interesting, and never fails to surprise.

But the main reason I watch Professor Broman is that despite being a fairly large streamer, averaging several hundred viewers, his chat is a very welcoming place. His chat is virtually never in sub mode, he always finds time to interact with them, and people very rarely get offended at the things that happen. It’s an incredibly refreshing environment… and if you’re looking for a good place to start getting into watching speedruns, I cannot think of anyone better to recommend than Professor Broman.


If you do check any of these out, please share your experience with them in the comments below – I’d love to hear it. Also, if you’d like to share your own recommendations, feel free!

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