Gallery Showcase – Vancouver

As many of you know, I spent the first week of this month in Vancouver. We were fortunate, the weather was fantastic for the week we were there so I was able to get an amazing assortment of pictures to share. Here are a few of my favourites and you can view the full gallery here.


On our first full day in Vancouver, we went to Granville Island and did some shopping. Shopping has never been my biggest interest, so I spent the time looking for some good little images. On our way in, I caught sight of a seagull perched on a sign in the marina. Now, I know, seagulls aren’t exactly the most impressive bird to be seeing, but the picture I got turned out really well, between the pose of the bird and the reflections in the water.


While at Granville island, we walked by an open air waterpark, and I took a few pictures there. Most of them didn’t turn out, but I got one picture that just worked the way I wanted it. I love how clear the droplets are and the trees form such a perfect background to make everything pop.


On our next day in Vancouver, being good little tourists, we went to Grouse Mountain and spent a day up on the mountaintop. Being from the Prairies, it’s hard to fathom something that tall, that enormous. But it was absolutely gorgeous up there – the view was absolutely amazing. If I ever go back, I am absolutely going to make a point of spending an evening there so I can see the sun set from that high. But, sadly that wasn’t the case. However, even without the sunset – I was able to get some stunning images. Here’s one of the river through the trees, sparkling in the sun.


While I was up there I made sure to get a few pictures from the mountaintop overlooking the city because, as a prairie boy, the thought of being able to see almost an entire city is just crazy. This particular picture gives does a good job of showcasing just how high I was taking the picture from. The trees in the foreground provide a nice frame for the picture, and the horizon fading into the distance creates that insane sense of height and scale.


They had an amazing bird-show going on while we were there showcasing my favourite subclass of avians – Raptors. Birds of prey are such incredible creatures, designed for efficiency and power. They truly are beautiful animals, and getting the chance to see them in action so close was the chance of a lifetime for me. They had 5 different birds among their lot, but my favourite was probably Arrow, a Saker Falcon. I got a few pictures of it, but my favourite was one I got of it mid-dive. It was so hard to spot in the sky, and tracking it with a camera was incredibly tough, but when I grabbed this picture of it so clear against the trees I was thrilled.


The house we were staying in had a crazy view. We rented out someone’s basement apartment for the week, and her backyard was elevated over the area behind it leaving a view of a large swath of the city. This picture is the one sunset picture I was able to take – and the colours are just phenomenal. Even the powerlines add a layer of depth in this picture, with the lines contrasting the lines of the sunset. Just a fantastic picture that I am very proud of.


The last major location we visited were the Capilano Suspension Bridges. It was crazy crossing such a high bridge – was a real thrill. The park is within the rainforest and it’s a gorgeous place. Here’s an image that really shows off just how high the main bridge was. It also does a good job of showcasing the way the trees play with the light and shadows.


This image was taken at the Bridge park as well – there is some beautiful plantlife there and here is an example of one of the gorgeous flowers I saw. It’s hard to get these pictures with a zoom lens, but when the flower is this pretty, it makes it a lot easier.


This last picture of Capilano is a favourite of mine because I never realized until now just how clear the reflections can be in the water. This picture was one I took that turned out better than the picture I was originally planning to take. I was aiming to get a picture of some fish that were in the water, but the camera autofocused onto the wrong part of the scene. At first I was annoyed, but then I took a deeper look at the picture, and realized I’d gotten a fantastic picture of the trees in the water with just the slightest bit of rippling in the water. Sometimes the accidental pictures are the best, aren’t they?

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