Shadow’s Six – Best of E3 2014 Conferences

So the major E3 conferences are over, and all of the big announcements have been announced, the trailers have been viewed, the demos have been demoed, and now it is time to discuss the future…. sort of.

Here are my favourite moments of the E3 conferences. This is really hard because overall, this year’s conferences have been a pretty tremendous letdown, with only a handful of things that really made me excited throughout the entirety of 4 press conferences – 5 if you count Nintendo’s mini-conference. Fortunately, it’s not all bad, so let’s share the good here, so we can forget the bad!

6) Valiant Hearts (Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is looking to tell us another tragic tale with the Ubi-Art framework – most recently used for Child of Light. They didn’t show any gameplay for Valiant Hearts, which in this day and age is kind of a problem but given the subject matter displayed in the trailer, perhaps giving us gameplay might have been too tragic to handle. You see, the story takes place during World War 1 and is inspired by letters written by soldiers during the War. It’s a fascinating premise, and it makes me excited for this despite the complete lack of gameplay footage provided.

5) Infamous: First Light (Sucker Punch)

Suckerpunch announced a new DLC for Infamous: Second Son at the Sony conference. The game’s biggest flaw was its characters, with one exception: Fetch. She was an awesome character, and I could not be happier to see her get some time in the spotlight. It also helps that the Neon powerset was by far the most interesting of Second Son’s powers, so seeing a new take on that should be something else.

First Light appears to be Fetch’s origin story, at least according to the Sucker Punch website, which should be fascinating to see. I didn’t think there was too much to elaborate in her backstory since the basics were covered in Second Son, but if Sucker Punch wants to give me more of Fetch, I won’t say no! We’ll see exactly what they have to show us this August.

4) Little Big Planet 3 (Sumo Digital)

Little Big Planet games are always a joy and a pleasure, and the PS4 is overdue for some Sackboy. And this time, Sackboy’s not alone – he has 3 absolutely adorable new friends with unique abilities. And they’re all fully customizable just like Sackboy.

It looks as though the minor mechanical issues are still present within LBP3 judging by the demo, but I’ve never cared that the mechanics aren’t perfect… LBP is about the cuteness, the fun of exploration, and the joy of creation – not ultra-perfect platforming. And the three things that are at the core of Little Big Planet appear to be front and centre in LBP3, so I’m excited. The only question here is whether Sumo can truly live up to the high expectations set by Media Molecule.

3) Broforce on PSVita and PS4 (Free Live Games)

I have watched Broforce speedruns, and even though it is just in beta, it looks like an absurdly fun game. A sidescrolling shooter in the vein of contra, but with parodies of a variety of action heroes and other hilarious inserts such as Bronan the Brobarian, the Broniversal Soldier, and MacBrover.

The game’s short levels and exceptionally fun and dynamic gameplay seem like it would be just an absolutely perfect bus-game, which is why I’m so excited to see it on the Vita.

2) Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac Games)

My only reason to want an Xbox One looks more impressive than ever, bringing all the crazy weaponry that the studio is most famous for into a new generation third person shooter. This game has the potential to be what Fuse completely failed to deliver – all the insanity of ratchet and clank in a high-fidelity third-person shooter. And, ya know, zombies.

But really, Sunset Overdrive had a brief trailer that showed a blatant disrespect for the fourth wall. It was awesome, fast paced, and really showed that they were trying to step past the mistakes of Fuse and move into a whole new game here. And when it comes out, it will be very tempting for me to grab an Xbox One.

1) Xenoblade Chronicles X (MonlithSoft)

Nintendo’s digital event was a strange beast for me. They showed a lot of stuff I don’t give a crap about, and even managed to make me not excited for a few games that I’ve been really looking forward to… but then they showed me Xenoblade Chronicles X and suddenly I was tempted to buy a Wii-U once again.

Their trailer showcased some fascinating story elements, graphics that are among the best any Nintendo system has ever seen, and a lot of cool teases of more to come. This may sound kind of obvious given the name, but the story elements really reminded me of the backstory and the opening scene of Xenogears which is one of my favourite games of all time. We haven’t seen a lot of actual gameplay, but it looks pretty fantastic so far.

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