The Blade’s Edge – June Update

May has past, and now we’re into June. May was a good month, even if I did play one of the worst games I can remember. I’m really pleased with the way a few of my articles have come out, particularly the Transistor Review I just posted and the post I made early in the month discussing Internet Toxicity. But May is over, and now we move onward into June. Until June 7th, I’ll be on vacation in Vancouver so my ability to play games or watch anime will be pretty limited. There will be some handheld gaming during that time, but not a lot I imagine.

This month should be the first in a while where we’ve had some pictures being dealt with. There’ve been issues with our computers and what few pictures I had from C4 didn’t make it. But we have the software we need, and we’re planning to try to make a bigger effort to get those pictures dealt with more promptly going forward. So assuming I can find some good pictures to take in Vancouver, and everything I’ve read says it’s a very beautiful city so I shouldn’t have any problems with that one.

On an anime front, I’ve just reached the end of the first arc of Nobunaga the Fool so either while I’m away or shortly after I get back I’ll be writing my review of that one. More importantly, we’re slowly reaching the point where several of this season’s anime will be reaching the review point for me. Hopefully at least a few of them will do so later this month, but either late this month or next month we should have a few anime reviews.

I’m still finishing up Conception 2 for my Vita, but I also have a few other games for the Vita as well to play during my trip. I thought I’d reached the end of Drakengard 3 but it pulled the rug out from under me so I still have a while to go on that but will be finishing it this month. Watch Dogs just came out, so I’d like to play that after Drakengard 3. There’s also Murdered: Soul Suspect. We’ll see if I get to Watch Dogs or Murdered first, but both of those are on my list of games for this month. I also have an old review that I’d had sitting around mostly finished for a long time, but hadn’t actually finished it. I polished it up and will be coming out this week.

And I’m going to be keeping up with the weekly recommendations posts, hope you guys are enjoying them! There may be some other surprise posts here and there as well, so keep an eye on the site.

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