Weekly Recommendations – Canada Day!

This week’s recommendations will all tie into Canada in some way or another in honour of July 1st being Canada Day.

Sound Shapes (Video Game)

Developed by Queasy Games in Ontario, and winner of a Canadian Video Game Award in 2013. This downloadable platformer was a truly fascinating and unique experience, and is available cross-buy on pretty much all Sony platforms. The way the game incorporates the fantastic and unique music into every aspect more than overcomes the less-than-perfect platforming mechanics.

When you add in a rather intuitive and clever level creation system and a near-infinite supply of downloadable maps, you get an incredible indy title.

Sailor Moon (Anime)

Now you are probably reading this and saying ‘wha? How is an anime Canadian? It’s clearly Japanese!” How, indeed…

Well, you might not know this, but the rather terrible and hilarious dub starred an almost completely Canadian cast, with one or two small exceptions. Sailor Moon is one of those quintessential anime that everyone who is interested in the medium has to see… and the dub is one of those perfect examples of a dub that is so bad that you have to see it to believe… or well, hear. And since we have a new Sailor Moon anime on the way, there couldn’t be a better time to relive the old!

So why not celebrate Canada and give yourselves a little bit of much-needed exposure by watching one of the most well-known anime with one of the worst dubs? Sounds like a good day to me.

Mass Effect Trilogy (Game Series)

Mass Effect is our final recommendation for this week. Designed by Bioware, headquartered in Edmonton, the Mass Effect trilogy is one of those true masterpieces of gaming. One of only a handful of series designed in North America that shows an understanding of how to create a compelling story, this is a game series that I absolutely loved. And, thankfully, you can pick up the entire trilogy now regardless of your last gen console of choice – unlike back when I played it, as only Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 came to PS3 initially – so what are you waiting for?

This is the shooter that, to me, proved that you didn’t need to be first person to have good shooting mechanics. It’s an RPG with a customizable main character who is more than just a blank canvas. It tells one of the most fascinating and compelling stories, balancing highs and lows to form a consistent storytelling pace despite leaving enough room for you to feel like you have some control over it. The series is one of the most fantastic experiences of the past generation, and if you let criticism for its ending hold you back you’ll be missing out.


Hopefully you all have a Happy Canada Day if you’re here in Canada, and if not well – this is a perfect excuse to get yourself some exposure to some great titles and celebrate Canada, whether you’re here or not!

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