Weekly Recommendations – SUMMER!

Do you know what is this week? That’s right: the Summer Solstice. So it’s summer time, and for those of you who, like me, are afraid of the evil daystar and all it represents – here are some summery games and anime to keep you indoors but still make you feel like you’re celebrating summer!

Eufloria (Game)

Eufloria is a fascinating little strategy game. One of the first successful console RTS I can remember, Eufloria tasks you with the job of spreading seeds to uncultivated planets so that they can grow to produce more seeds for you to use to take over and cultivate more planets. This is a bit of a simplified description but in the end it’s a fairly simple game, elegant you might say, and it solves the dilemma of RTS on console through that elegance.

Summer Wars (Anime Movie)

If we’re talking about summer, there’s only one logical anime to discuss and that’s Summer Wars. It even has summer in its name! I’m not going to try to summarize the plot for you here – any attempt to summarize it would only leave you confused and probably spoil some of the more awesome elements. But take one part digital world, one part anti-terrorism, and one part love story and you’ve got a basic idea of what’s goin’ on. But in the end… it’s weird, charming, and awesome and you should go watch it.

Flower (Game)

And last on our list of summer-themed games continues the floral theme… for those of you not aware, before Journey came out, ThatGameCompany created one of the most beautiful PS3 games ever made. It’s a simple little title known as ‘Flower’ and in it you have the simple task of controlling the wind to cause flowers to bloom. As you do so, the music escalates and it’s just overall a peaceful and amazing experience.


If you guys want to take some time away from summer to share your own recommendations, feel free – I’d love to hear them.

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