Weekly Recommendations – Tearjerkers

In honour of the upcoming Ubiart title Valiant Hearts – the game whose trailer had the internet crying during E3 – which comes out this week, I’d like to present some of my favourite tear-inducing games, anime and books for your entertainment.

The Last Herald-Mage – Mercedes Lackey (Book Series)

If you’re looking for a book series that will have you in tears, you can’t really go much better than Mercedes Lackey’s Last-Herald Mage trilogy. Vanyel’s life is not an envious one, for all that he is one of the most powerful people in the world. He endures prejudice, tragedy, loss, loneliness, and more… but you never become inured to it – which is a problem I have frequently in tragic stories. One of the first trilogies in the Valdemar series, The Last Herald-Mage is some of Mercedes Lackey’s best work and I highly recommend it.

Ano-Hana: The Flower That We Saw That Day (Anime)

I’m sure most of you expected this, but I would be remiss if this week’s recommendations did not include Ano-Hana. The story of friends as they attempt to come to terms with a tragedy from their childhood and the various ways it has affected their lives, Ano-Hana is unquestionably the most heart-wrenching anime I’ve ever seen. It is so sad, in fact, that many people have recorded their reactions to the final episode and every single one is a video of someone bawling. Men, women, adults, teenagers, it doesn’t matter: if you watch Ano-Hana, you will cry.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 (Game)

It took me a while to think of the perfect game to use in this set of recommendations, since there are quite a few sad video games, but very few that have really made me cry. Crisis Core is the story before Final Fantasy 7 – the story that explains Cloud’s true origin and follows the Soldier that Cloud based his false persona off of: Zack. I knew how it had to end. I’d played Final Fantasy 7 after all, so there was no question of what the ending would be. Despite this knowledge… it still leaves me overcome with tears every time I see the ending.

Lord of the Clans – Christie Golden (Book)

Lord of the Clans is my favourite of the Warcraft books. It tells the origin story of Thrall, and it’s set back before Warcraft started emulating Dragonball Z’s infinite power curve. Thrall, a young Orc who has been raised, and scorned, by humans escapes to try to seek his people. He finds them sitting idly, inert and emotionless, within camps run by humans. Seeking further, he comes across some of the few remaining free Orcs and decides to set his people’s hearts free. but matters are not quite that simple and the story does not end without tragedy.


Well that’s it for this week! Hope you enjoy them, and as always, let me know if you have any of your own recommendations!

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