Weekly Recommendations – Travel

Since I’m on Vacation, I thought I’d share a few suggestions for anyone who happens to be making any long treks and looking for something to pass the time on a plane, train, or even bus ride.

Pixeljunk Monsters Ultimate HD

Tower Defense games are great for passing the time on a long trek, and you won’t find a better example of this than Pixeljunk Monsters. Originally on the PS3, they released it for the PSP/Vita which makes it an absolutely perfect for travel. The game itself has a charming art style, some very fitting music, and an immense amount of content. Trust me on this, you won’t find a better option for just killing time than Pixeljunk Monsters.


When looking for something to watch during long trips or during downtime in a vacation, the most important thing is that it be something you can pick up and put down whenever. Fate/Zero does a good job of feeling very episodic. Sure there is a very big overarching story, but there are very few episodes that feel incomplete on their own. Fate/Zero was not my favourite anime overall, but it has a lot of interesting element to it and it’s certainly a good watch, especially if you’re looking for some travel entertainment.

Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth is my second game suggestion for traveling. Muramasa takes place in short bursts of action – one fight at a time – so you can easily pause at any time and pick it up later if you have to stop it for any reason. It is a gorgeous game with fun and exhilarating gameplay that will help pass the time quickly.


Hope you enjoy these picks, and if nyone is traeling – feel free to share your destination or any ideas you have for passing the time while flying.

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