Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2014

So… as you may have guessed from my last post, I was at Ai-Kon all week. And aside from having a ton of fun, I also took over a thousand pictures over the course of the weekend. This means two things… first of all, it means that I underestimated the quantity of pictures I took – so getting through all of them is taking longer than I’d hoped. Secondly, it means that after we finish post-processing them all, there should be a few hundred pictures all told. The first of these galleries, which are just pictures of cosplayers I ran across while wandering around the convention, is available now and has just over 100 pictures.

I have a ton of pictures of the cosplay contest that we haven’t finished with yet, and I also attended a cosplay gathering with a bunch of Persona cosplayers, and got a number of pictures from that. These should be dealt with later this week – most likely starting Wednesday – but for now, please enjoy my Ai-Kon Cosplay 2014 gallery. And here are a few of my favourites from among that gallery.

The first of these pictures was a picture I took of a Merida cosplayer who happened to be getting pictures taken in the Japanese gardens. I got a really nice shot of her standing by the little pond there. It is a really fitting image and it showcases her cosplay, and her prop very well.


Just love that one. My next featured picture is one of an absolutely hilarious cosplayer I ran into. Once he got into character, he started doing hilarious poses and it was just fantastic. It helps that his cosplay was really cool too, but his attitude just made the pictures fantastic.


Cosplayers like him just make photography so much more fun!

Next I’d like to show off some incredible detail that one cosplayer managed to fit into just one small part of her costume. Don’t get me wrong – the entire costume is fantastic, and if you look in the gallery I do actually have a picture of it in all it’s glory – but I particularly was impressed by the side of her mask. Here, take a look.


That was pretty fantastic, and make sure you take a look at the full view as well ’cause she knew what she was doing with that costume overall.

Next was a group cosplay featuring the three main characters of Kill la Kill. The picture turned out really well overall, and the cosplayers really had the poses for their characters down perfect. Was great to see.


Great costumes, and great characterization – always love to see it.

Last, and probably my favourite of these pictures, was a Snake I saw that was prettymuch perfect. All the little touches, the accessories, even the cigar. Just a really good cosplay overall. Not to mention that the picture just edited up really well.


Hope you enjoyed these pictures, don’t forget to check out the full gallery for nearly 100 more pictures! I hope you enjoy the galleries upcoming later this week!

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