Weekly Recommendations – Holiday Timewasters

Today is a holiday here in Canada… but it’s not anything particularly special so you, like me, probably don’t have anything to do today… so I’d like to recommend a few games that will be great ways to eat through time. These are games where you’ll sit down and start playing and then before you realize it hours will have passed. I’ve even got a classic anime that would work perfectly for this.

Rogue Legacy (Game)

Rogue Legacy has been out on PC for a while, but it just recently came out on the PS3, PS4, and PSVita and it is a great Rogue-Lite game. Each time you enter the dungeon, you get a different class, spell, and set of traits – and the addictive nature of wanting to see what those traits will be will keep you pushing ‘start’ long past when you thought you wanted to quit. In the few days I’ve had this game I’ve already had several times where I’ve said to myself ‘okay this is the last time for today’ and then found myself habitually pushing start and starting a new level afterwards.

Dragonball Z (Anime)

Dragonball Z is one of those classic anime – the ones everyone has heard of. But, nowadays, not a lot of people have experienced the mindless glory of 23 minute episodes with 18 minutes of screaming. So I’m going to recommend to everyone out there… if you’re looking for something to pass the time, go watch the original Dragonball Z. Not DBZ Kai – they took all the good stuff out of the show – but the original Dragonball Z. It is hilarious, awesome, and screamtastic. And, now’s the perfect time since there’s a new DBZ movie coming out this week.

Resogun (Game)

Resogun was one of the launch titles of the Playstation 4, and of all the games I’ve played on my PS4 I’d say it’s the one I had the most fun with. It’s an addictive and absolutely gorgeous sidescrolling shooter with an arcade feel to it. Trust me, if you have a PS4 and have not played this one, you’re missing out on some incredible fun. It even has an easy difficulty for those not familiar with this style of game that is actually easy but still tough enough for you to figure out the game’s mechanics… don’t venture into the two hardest settings until you’re very comfortable though. This game’s higher difficulties are brutally difficult.

Record of Agarest War Zero (Game)

For something with a little more meat to it, I strongly recommend Agarest War Zero. It’s a turn based SRPG with an incredible level of depth. You can spend 10-15 minutes planning out a single turn… so it’s understandably easy to whittle away hours with it. It also has a fairly interesting story, and a very good soundtrack. One thing to be aware of is that this game is not light on the fanservice… so be prepared for a bit of that if you step into this game.


Hopefully these picks can help you enjoy your surplus of time today – if you’re up here in Canada – and if you’re not, I hope you can manage to peel yourselves away from these titles in time to get a good night’s sleep!


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