Weekly Recommendations – Summer Releases

Gamers all know the ‘summer lull’ – that time between June and September when games simply do not come out… or well…. mostly don’t come out. There are still a few games that defy all standard accepted practices and release during the summer… and we also have the summer anime season each year. Today, I’d like to spotlight some of those brave games, as well as some of my favourite summer-released anime.

StarCraft II (Game)

Released 4 years ago in the summer of 2010, StarCraft II is one of the best RTS I’ve ever played. With a mechanically challenging and incredibly deep competitive mode, a fun and intriguing single player campaign, and literally endless customization options through the map editor, it’s a game that has certainly more than repaid my purchase.

And best of all, if you’re one of those who didn’t realize… the arcade is free. You don’t need to buy anything to enjoy all the custom maps created by the community.

Sword Art Online (Anime)

I’ve written about Sword Art Online a few times. It’s the first anime I ever watched on a weekly basis – that I ever watched in simulcast. This is the show that got me back into seriously watching anime. I loved it back in 2012, and I’m loving the new one that is airing in this summer’s season.

Kokoro Connect (Anime)

Kokoro Connect is an absolutely fascinating anime that came out the same summer as SAO. I haven’t reviewed it yet as I’ve been struggling to find the second half… but the first half features some of the most interesting characters and some of the best character development I’ve seen in my life.

What makes Kokoro Connect so special are the unique ‘afflictions’ that these five students get forced to endure – from random body-swapping to random age changes and more. Watching them deal, or fail to deal, with these afflictions is such a treat that I hope to get my hands on the second half soon so I can review this in its entirety…

Darksiders II (Game)

Darksiders II was a game that was a strong contender for game of the year the year it came out. If it hadn’t been up against Journey, it quite likely would’ve won. I was incredibly saddened to hear Vigil went under, and I sincerely hope that someone out there decides to continue the tragically underrated Darksiders series… but Darksiders II is, hands down, the best Zelda game I’ve played in the past decade and I absolutely loved it when it came out two years ago.


Well folks… that’ll be it for this week’s recommendations. Hopefully you guys enjoy these summer releases and remember that summer is not always a dead time… sometimes there are little gems!

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