AMV Spotlight – Let the Sparks Fly

Some of you may recognize this AMV, as it was one of the winners from the Ai-Kon AMV Contest, but this one was my personal favourite from the contest so I figured even those of you who read here who aren’t able to attend Ai-Kon deserved the chance to see this.

This Kill la Kill AMV does a great job of representing the show’s weirder places, which is something too few AMVs are able to do successfully. It’s not easy to really explore an anime like Kill la Kill in <5 minutes in a way that really helps give an understanding of how strange things get, but this one pulls it off. I think a large part of that is using a song, in this case Let the Sparks Fly, which also has a touch of that same sort of absurdity.

This AMV makes very good use of the lyrics, especially some of the filler lyrics, to provide a good pace for watching without seeming jerky or jarring. If I had to pick a favourite scene from this AMV, it would be right at the start when they synced up the first ‘Let the Sparks Fly’ with Mikisugi’s first scene from the show. It sets a great tone for the rest of the video, and somehow manages to fit even better than the actual line said at that point in the show. Somehow.

Thank you, CityLightSumerNights, for creating this fantastic Kill La Kill AMV – it absolutely deserved the award it won at Ai-Kon and I hope to see more of your work in subsequent years.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done an AMV spotlight – I’ve found a few channels with some good ones now, so I hope to do these more frequently. Hope you liked this.


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