Weekly Recommendations – At Summer’s End

Summer is coming to a close, but here in Winnipeg it appears as though we’ll get one last week of nice weather before fall hits. If you’re looking to appreciate this last week from the comfort of your home like I am, here are some of the best anime, games, and books featuring summery scenes so you can enjoy summer without ever going out into the evil day-star.

Nisekoi (Anime)

Nisekoi is a humour romance anime, so of course it is inevitable that there will be at least one beach scene. But unlike so many anime, Nisekoi makes its summer-focused segments actually have content, as opposed to being mere fanservice. And, in between the summer scenes is a hilarious slice of life anime… just, don’t expect any real resolution here.

Transistor (Game)

Transistor itself takes place in a digital city that is mostly degrading, and while that is an interesting aesthetic, it’s hardly going to remind you of summer… so why is this on the list? Simple: As an interlude, you can go visit a beach with a hammock to rest in, a dog to play with, a jukebox to play music from and a variety of different challenge modes to participate in. Just go through the back door and you can relax on the beach with whichever of the game’s fantastic tracks you like most.

Killashandra (Book)

Killashandra is the second book in the Crystal Singer series by Anne McCaffrey, and it is her best work in my eyes. The Crystal Singer series in general is fantastic, but Killashandra does such a good job of expanding the main character and setting the stage for the series conclusion. As to why it fits here? Well, a large portion of the story takes place on a tropical archipelago and features all the joys of summer that you could possibly want.

Tales of Graces f (Game)

Many JRPGs feature ‘reward’ scenes in hot springs, on beaches, or other summer destinations… but Tales of Graces f had one of the better beach scenes I’ve seen including a variety of swimsuit costumes for all of the characters(and they’re not all skimpy, which is a shock), and it also featured a gorgeous desert town with jumping water and other amazing sights. It was a great place to visit, and so was the beach resort.



Hopefully these recommendations help you enjoy summer without the burden of having to venture out of the comfort of your home – ’cause we all know how scary it is out there.

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