Gallery Showcase – Ai-Kon 2014 Cosplay Contest

I’m sorry for the delay here – it’s taken a lot longer than we were hoping to get the Ai-Kon 2014 Cosplay Contest Gallery ready… but it’s finally ready, and so I’m excited to share a few of my personal favourites from it.

First off, here’s a nice image that turned out really well of most of the contest winners at the end of the cosplay contest. It’s a great sampling of the amazing costumes present… and the lighting actually turned out pretty well except on the far left where the one cosplayer is in tears because she can’t believe she won… but it seems like a perfect way to start this off nonetheless. And yes, that is a furry in front – he did an awesome skit during the cosplay contest.


The next picture is probably my favourite picture – and my favourite costume – from among the cosplay contest.  This girl had that unique Night Elven combination between elegance and ferocity perfect, along with a beautiful outfit, good colouring, the whole works. And the picture turned out perfect, even capturing the gem’s glow well… this Tyrande just delivered in my eyes.


This picture is not as great – I mis-timed it a bit and got a little bit of blur on the weapons, but you can still see the attention to detail in this costume… it’s amazing. Easily one of the most accurate and incredible costumes of the event. I’m a huge League of Legends fan, so seeing such a detailed Jinx costume was a real treat. And both of the weapons, although the blurriness makes it kind of hard to see, are so perfect.


Next, and finally, is a costume of Astrid that I thought was really impressive. She managed to catch the exuberance and confidence the character displays in the movies, and the costume was quite detailed. I don’t recall definitively if she was in the beginner or the youth division, but either way it’s pretty impressive. It helps that the picture caught just the right angle too, and turned out great. But overall, a fantasy costume – and one of my highlights of the contest.


Once again, I’m sorry for how delayed the gallery is in getting to you guys, but I hope you like this showcase as well as the gallery itself!

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