Persona 4: The Golden: The Animation: The Review

Persona 4 came out years ago on the Playstation 2. A few years later they released a remake of it on the Vita known as Persona 4: The Golden with some additional story content, and it was incredible. They then made an anime series based off the original known as Persona 4: The Animation. Now, they have created Persona 4: The Golden: The Animation. And, in response, I am creating… Persona 4: The Golden: The Animation: The Review.

I’m going to start with a warning… if you aren’t extremely familiar with the Persona 4 story and characters, this anime will mean nothing to you. Calling this Persona 4: The Golden: The Animation is a bit of a misnomer. It has more of a ‘deleted scenes’ vibe going on than anything else. So if you haven’t played Persona 4 or P4G, or at least watched the original Persona 4 anime, don’t watch this. It’ll just confuse you.

With that out of the way… I’d have to say that it almost feels like the makers of P4GA got the hang of what they were doing about halfway through. The first several episodes just don’t quite feel… complete. Even given the context of it as just showing you the new content… they still just feel like something is missing. And whatever that missing piece is, it really takes away from the impact of the episodes and leaves the whole thing just feeling a bit hollow. However, once they start to get into the final section of the series, after about a half-dozen or so episodes, they seemed to have figured their mistakes out. The rest of the series is quite well made, and really reminded me why I loved the story of P4G so much.

The characters are the same incredible characters we all know and love from previous incarnations of Persona 4, and getting to see them in this way is just delightful. Especially Marie. Marie, who is the central character for most of this anime, is simply portrayed perfectly. They do such a great job of bringing her confused and conflicted personality to life, and she is the reason that the last half of the series works so well.

There’s really not a whole lot else to say… it essentially comes down to a simple statement: if you enjoyed Persona 4 in any of its previous incarnations, you’ll love the last half of this anime. The first half, on the other hand… really does leave a lot to be desired.

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