The Blade’s Edge – November

Hello everyone! Another month has passed, and we’re about to enter November! Happy Hallowe’en everyone! It’s time to take a look in our crystal ball and explore what November has to offer us.

The first things you should expect from me are C4 related content. Since I’ll be at C4 this weekend, my post-show will most likely be going up Monday and galleries over the next week or two. Moving past C4, I also still have two more reviews from the summer anime season, one of which should be up this weekend or possibly early next week. I’m also planning to start doing lists of the shows from each season that you should be watching – so expect a must-watch list of some sort relating to the summer season within the next week or two. Still figuring out the best way to structure that, but it shouldn’t be too long.

As far as other content goes, I’ll be touching on Blizzcon – since I’m always excited to hear more from Blizzard – but sadly I won’t be able to attend it. There’ll be a brief post about what they show off this year, and what I’m interested in and not. I’m also planning to do at least one AMV spotlight, and possibly a Shadow’s Six this month – still figuring out the details on when these will fit into the picture, but expect them in November.

On the anime front, nothing’s really going to be finishing so aside from the two summer shows I’ve got left, the only anime reviews I’ll be writing this month will be for any shows from previous seasons I decide to pick up. There are a couple I’m considering watching, but I also have a huge queue of shows from fall that I’m interested in, so they’ll likely take up most of my time.

This is looking to be another very dry month for gaming. In fact, the rest of the year is looking quite dry… Lords of the Fallen just came out and I may grab that and give it a try. I will definitely be playing both Little Big Planet 3 and Dragon Age: Inquisition. While I hated Origins, I did quite enjoy Dragon Age 2 – even if it was a bit rushed – so I want to give Inquisition a try to see if it can correct the errors of its predecessors. We’ll see. As far as other games? I might give World of Warcraft another try when Warlords of Draenor comes out, and I also am interested in trying Tales of Hearts R and the Hatsune Miku game coming out for the Vita. I don’t know if I’ll find time for them… but we’ll see.

As a final piece of news – and probably the biggest one – I’m most likely going to be giving Twitch streaming a try this month. I’ve been scrounging to buy a capture card for my PS3 so I can share some of my favourites with you all. We’ll see if it happens, but I am excited by the prospect and I’m really looking forward to giving it a try.

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