Weekly Recommendations – Hallowe’en Scares

Hallowe’en, as I’m sure you all know, is this Friday and that means horror. In this case, we have a variety of games, anime, and even a surprise to terrify you this week.

Attack on Titan (Anime)

Attack on Titan is not exactly a horror anime,┬ábut it features enough gore, violence, and suspense to pass muster on this list. This isn’t a fun show to watch, but it is an incredibly well made show nonetheless, and if you’re looking for something that’ll keep you thinking, this is a great choice.

Catherine (Game)

Catherine is one of my favourite games. The more I watch people play it, and the more I play it myself, the more I realize just how thoroughly I enjoy this game. It is incredibly well made this game is. And it tells an interesting story, one in which even the few things that seem like they might be flaws or false fit within the greater scheme of the story if you really look deep enough into it. And, the story features a lot of really unexpected and disturbing elements, as it is essentially a horror puzzle game.

Another (Anime)

If you’re looking for horror, Another is essentially the quintessential horror anime. Suspense, surprises, twists, gore… it’s all here. And it leaves you with the disturbing feeling, after you’ve finished watching, that you still can’t quite be sure everything is what you think it is. It’s a great feeling for a horror anime to leave you with. Probably the most noteworthy aspect of Another is how effectively it uses silence to create tension. It has a relatively good soundtrack, but it is not afraid to have complete silence for a bit. And it’s a very important skill – a mandatory one, I’d say – if you’re wanting to build a good suspense story.

The Last of Us (Game)

Probably the best pure horror game I’ve ever played is The Last of Us. This is not a game that is designed to make you feel good, you’re not supposed to like the character or agree with him… you’re just supposed to go along with him through his story. And it truly is his story – not yours. You have little to no control over the events, which creates some of the most disturbing and powerful scenes I’ve seen in a video game. Like Another, silence and ambience are the cores of its soundtrack, and this can often leave you crawling through areas not sure if there’s going to be something waiting around the corner for you or not. It’s a powerful sensation, and one that is hard to duplicate. There were times where the events of this game affected me such that I had to put it down for the day and walk away to collect my thoughts and emotions. Amazing stuff.

RainfallDreams (Twitch Streamer)

All this month, Twitch streamer RainfallDreams has been through the classic Silent Hill horror games. While she’s been sick this past week and hasn’t been able to broadcast, we’re all hoping she’ll be back soon with more. She doesn’t just do horror games, but it’s been a blast watching her terrify herself with them this month so I hope you’ll give her stream a try.

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