Weekly Recommendations – Comic Style

In honour of C4 – which I am about to leave for as I write this – I’d like to suggest the best games and anime that are either based off of comic books or have that comic book feel to them – sorry if this list is a bit shorter than normal, I have a lot to do!

inFamous 2 (Game)

The inFamous series is designed to be a game told in the vein of a comic series. Of all the games in the series, inFamous 2 really captures this feel the best. The game feels a lot like a superhero comic come to life, while many of the cutscenes adopt a sort of still-frame comic aesthetic. It creates a great atmosphere, and is just in general an incredible game.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure (Anime)

It’s hard to find anime that really adopt a western comic style, since the prevalent style over on that side of the ocean is slightly different. But Nanana’s Buried Treasure, for me, always seemed to elicit that sort of comic book dramatic feel mixed with the Japanese style. It creates a really fun experience and one that I strongly recommend not passing up.

Spiderman: Edge of Time (Game)

Spiderman: Edge of Time is not a great game, but it is a relatively enjoyable experience – especially if you can catch it for a cheap price since it is a very short game. It is one of the few comic book adaptations that has turned out in a relatively solid way, and if you can ignore some of its flaws, you’ll certainly have a good time over the course of the several hours you spend with the two incarnations of Spiderman found within this title.



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