Most Anticipated of 2015 – Assorted Games

So I’ve covered the PS4’s big entries, I’ve covered Kickstarters, I’ve covered JRPGs, but I still haven’t talked about all the games I’m excited about that are coming in 2015… so we’re here to fix that. These are the games that either don’t quite fit into another category or might fit, but not perfectly. So I’ve created a special category called ‘Assorted’, since that’s never been done before, and we’ll be talking about the rest of the exciting games to come here!

Heroes of Might and Magic 7

Or… Might and Magic Heroes 7, or whatever they’re calling it. I dunno, but Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was potentially the best turn based strategy game ever made, and the rest have been solid games as well. Given that 6 was soured by some bugs, I’m hopeful that 7 will not suffer from the same issues… since, aside from those few glitches, the game was a great deal of fun.


Ah Broforce… for a while I watched speedruns of this game with relish, knowing that it was set to come to PS4 and Vita eventually. And now, that day is soon to arrive, and while my favourite runner of this has stopped playing it, my excitement for it has not ebbed in the slightest. This throw-back sidescrolling arcade style shooter stars parodies of famous action characters – Bronan the Brobarian, Rambro, Mr. Anderbro, Brobocop, etc. – each with their own unique weaponry and abilities… and it simply looks amazing.

Awakened Fate Ultimatum

This name might sound familiar, if you follow my website, to a game I played a little while back – a Rogue-Lite JRPG that I enjoyed quite a bit. It was over the top, it was silly, but it was fun and in the end… that’s what matters most… so when I read that Guided Fate Paradox was getting a sequel I simply had to look into matters more. And that’s where we are now, with me looking at Guided Fate Paradox and considering loading it back up to give it some more of my time in preparation for a sequel I’m quite excited for!


Journey? Wait… why is Journey here… I mean, I’ve already written multiple articles about my experiences playing Journey. Oh, wait, now I remember! It’s because Journey is coming to the PS4 soon and I am thrilled! The date has not been disclosed, but they originally announced it as being ‘later this year’ back in August, so it shouldn’t be too long. Hopefully.

Journey was such an amazing experience, and with a renewed community and better graphics I can only imagine it will be even more amazing so the PS4 version definitely earns a place on this list.


So for those of you who have done the math and have taken a logical look at things… you’re surely wondering something right about now. I mean, there’s still one more Wednesday in the year (24 + 7 = 31 after all) and I have now covered all of my most anticipated games… so what am I going to talk about next week?

Next week, and the last of the year, is reserved for anime. So stay tuned to see which anime I’m looking forward to that have been confirmed for next year!

But for now… since there won’t be another post tomorrow, Merry Christmas!

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