Most Anticipated of 2015 – Kickstarters!

This week I’d like to highlight some games that were created thanks to Kickstarter – specifically games I helped fund through Kickstarter that should be coming over the next year. This list may sound a bit familiar, since some of these were expected to come out this year but have been delayed… but since they’re all almost certainly coming this year, lets start to build some hype for them shall we?

There are a some games from my childhood that I will always remember… games that gave me countless hours of fun and that I hold deep in my heart… games like Megaman X, Dungeon Keeper, Breath of Fire 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, among others. This may seem like a strange time to bring this up, but it’ll all make sense soon enough.

War for the Overworld (PC)

The spiritual successor to the Dungeon Keeper games, War for the Overworld is being made by a small development team who loved the originals and wanted to relive their glory… and I have been long awaiting a game to do again what Dungeon Keeper did so well… that intricate mix of humour and gameplay, the fun of being the bad guy overseeing an evil empire as do-gooder heroes try to undo your work. There is little as satisfying as slapping a few minions to get them working faster and then moving over to your torture chamber to watch as they convert heroes to your cause.

And since War for the Overworld is being made by people who shared that same love for the originals… they even got the original narrator to return for this. It’s currently in beta… but I’ve been refraining from watching too much footage to avoid spoiling all that dungeony goodness but what little I’ve heard sounds awesome. And I cannot wait for this one.

Project Phoenix (Multiplatforms)

Project Phoenix is being made by a team of Japanese developers including several big name talents… and it is being scored by Nobuo Uematsu himself, composer behind the early Final Fantasy games. Footage of this game brings to mind classic TRPGs like Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy Tactics, just brought into a new era. That genre has been underrepresented lately, and I think it’s one of the few genres that would translate really well into modern graphics and higher paced gameplay styles… so I am really excited to see, and hear, more from this one.

Soul Saga (Multiplatform)

Soul Saga is unique on this list in that its an individual’s dream, not a team project… sure he’s not building it alone, but Disastercake, the ‘team’ making this, is essentially the one guy. He’s a lifelong JRPG fan like me and he’s long dreamed of creating a JRPG like the ones from his childhood. This… this is a goal I can get behind. Those games shaped my love of gaming and they simply are not made very often anymore.

He’s shared a lot of information and really been open about the process. He’s let us deep into the process letting us see how a lot of the elements have been shaped over time, from the music to the character models, even the speech structure. It’s been fascinating to see, and it makes me so eager for this great call-back to the JRPGs of my childhood to finally arrive.

Mighty No.9 (Multiplatform)

And last, but certainly not least… we have Mighty No 9. We’ve covered Dungeon Keeper, the classic JRPGs, Final Fantasy Tactics… so naturally, the last place left to go on a trip through my childhood is Megaman. Well, Keiji Inafune has decided that Capcom is not interested in giving Megaman to us anymore, so he’s going to give us something similar… yet different. Mighty No. 9 is a modern-day take on Megaman, revised and enhanced for a new generation.

This was one of the most popular Kickstarters I’ve ever seen, raising millions to put towards this glorious rebirth and it is finally coming next year. For those out there who put enough cash towards this, you’re already aware of how good it is since you have the beta… for those like me who weren’t quite so generous we just get to wait impatiently for the final product… but I have a feeling it’ll be oh so worth it.


Sorry this is a bit late – coughing slows the writing down. But here we have it, my most anticipated Kickstarter-funded games of 2015. Next week, we’ll be talking anime. So check back later this week for my biggest disappointments of 2014, and check back on Christmas for the anime I’m most excited for next year! Have a good holidays, and I hope you’re all feeling better than I am!

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