Most Anticipated of 2015 – The PS4 Emerges

The Playstation 4 is an amazing piece of hardware. It’s sleek, it’s powerful, and it has some really cool functionality… but so far, the software lineup has not been that impressive. Most of the games I’ve played for it that have been good have been those pseudo-indy titles produced by smaller teams. Games like Transistor, Resogun, etc. have been the stars of its lineup. And while that isn’t going away entirely, it’s good to see a few larger titles that are actually worth paying attention to emerging…

It’s time to unveil some of my most hyped PS4 2015 titles.(of course, where they fit… some PS4 titles may make their way into other lists, like Persona 5 in last week’s JRPG list ;))

Uncharted 4

When looking at Sony platforms and trying to figure out what we’re looking forward to the obvious answer is to just look at Naughty Dog. Every game they release is a hit, afterall, and they’re on the path to releasing another Uncharted game – this time subtitled ‘A Thief’s End’. It’s been one of the well known upcoming highlights of the PS4 for a long time… but my interest has been renewed after seeing just how pretty it is.

Very little is actually known, but it’s Nathan Drake and it’s Uncharted and… well, ya know, it’s going to be good.

The Division

The Division has been on these lists before, and hopefully it will be on a different list next year. This is the game that all of us third person shooter fans have been hoping for… a multiplayer, semi-persistent, online third person shooter. Complete with all the bells and whistles, and both coop and competitive play. It even has a companion app for tablets to allow people to help others real-time when not able to play.

Everything about this game just makes me want eager to give it a try. It looks like the shooter I’ve been waiting for, and that says a lot.


It’s been long known that Super Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night are two of my favourite games of all time… so it should be no surprise that Chasm coming to the PS4 is a big deal for me – after all, it’s a classic-style Metroidvania that just looks fun to play. There has been limited footage, so we don’t know too much… but a procedurally generated Metroidvania is exciting enough – it’s a genre that doesn’t get much love anymore.

Final Fantasy Type-0

Last but not least… the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Originally released on the PSP in Japan in 2011, Western fans have been clamoring for it to make its overseas debut for around 4 years now. Well, it’s finally coming, although not for the PSP/Vita like many – myself included – hoped, it will be in stead coming to the PS4 (and XBO, if anyone cares) next year.

I’m excited to see what Final Fantasy’s first visit to the PS4 will be like, even if it is just an HD version of a PSP game. And since I’ve been waiting for this game for years now… knowing it’s almost here just makes it all the better.


And that’s it for this week’s Most Anticipated of 2015. Got some of your own to share? Feel free! Also, come back later this week for my list of the Best Anime from 2014’s Spring and Summer Seasons.

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