The Blade’s Edge – December Update

It’s almost time for Christmas… and you know what that means? Well ya, it means that it’s winter, and it means also means everyone’s going to be broke soon… and it means we’re prettymuch out of new releases since nobody wants to release this close to Christmas. But now that the gloomy news is over… it also means a few good things.

First, it means that the Autumn anime season is starting to come to an end… so either the end of this month or the beginning of the next the reviews should start, but more importantly it means LISTS! And now just shopping lists, year in review lists as well. So let’s get on with this.

As far as gaming goes, I am hoping to finish both Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment and Dragon Age: Inquisition this month. Once I finish either, reviews will be forthcoming. They’re both extremely long games though, so I don’t have any specific expectations beyond ‘hopefully this month’.

The better news, in my eyes, is that I finally have the equipment to start streaming. If you’re looking to get to know me a bit better, you can watch my stream to see me play some Playstation 3 games, and possibly other consoles or PC as time goes on. I will be doing a stream of Catherine this coming¬†evening(Tuesday December 2nd) and I actually streamed for a bit on Sunday to test everything out. If you’re interested, follow me on twitter for updates about my stream!

On the anime front, as I mentioned above, we’re coming to the end of the anime season. Once it’s over, I’ll be doing a series of reviews for some of the shows I’ve watched. I have 15+ on my list, so I’ll have to be a bit picky about reviews. If you have any specific requests, post them below and I’ll take them into consideration.

Aside from reviews, I do also have the hope of doing another Shadow’s Six list as well as another AMV Spotlight. I have a few AMVs lined up, so hopefully that will happen. Weekly Recommendations will, of course, be continuing – with a focus on reminiscing on the past year for the rest of the month – my first one was just posted and focuses on the best dressed of the year.

But the main attraction for this month will be the end of year lists. For anime, I’m going to be starting a new format for rating these… in stead of just doing a ‘best of the year’ list, I’m going to split it by seasons – to be specific, Winter and Spring will form one list, and Summer and Fall will form the second. Going forward, I’ll be doing these lists as the reviews for the seasons finish up – so my Mid-Year Best of will follow the Spring reviews, and the End-Year will follow Fall’s reviews. But this year, just so I still do both, I’m going to do Winter and Spring shortly, with Summer and Fall at the end of the month. I’m also going to be doing one for gaming – this one isn’t changing format, just going to be my best 6 games of the year. I’m also going to be doing my ever-popular ‘biggest disappointments’ of the year list.

Finally, starting this Wednesday, every Wednesday until New Years I’ll be revealing some titles that are coming soon that I am really excited for. It’s December, so it’s always a busy month, but it’s an exciting one as a new year is just around the corner and this is the perfect time to both reminisce and dream.

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