Weekly Recommendations – 2014’s Greatest Fights

You guessed it, this week I’m recommending some of this year’s shows and games with the most amazing fights or combat scenes around.

Black Bullet (Anime)

Black Bullet was a great anime, but more importantly for this week, it had fantastic fight scenes. The action was intense and exciting with a rather unique combination of monsters, melee, and firearms. As things progressed, things got more and more exciting… and it just kept getting better.

Tales of Xillia 2 (Game)

Xillia’s specific take on the action RPG combat system worked very well, but it had a few minor flaws. Xillia 2 fixed those flaws without really introducing any new ones. It is fun, high paced, and diverse… and it has enough options to really allow you to customize your own style.

Kill la Kill (Anime)

It’s hard to talk about interesting fights without talking Kill la Kill.  The show was so utterly absurd that it was almost hard to believe, and the fights fit right in. Absurd… and awesome.



Sorry for the short recommendations this week – I’m really under the weather right now. It’s also why I haven’t been streaming. I’ve been sick since Wednesday so hopefully I’ll be getting better soon… but that won’t stop me from continually giving you content. Don’t forget that my next Most Anticipated will be coming on Wednesday, and as soon as I’m feeling able to talk again I’m planning to stream Castlevania: Symphony of the Night!

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