Weekly Recommendations – 2014’s New Beginnings

And so we begin the final week of 2014. Since New Years is a time both to reflect and for things to start anew, I figured the best topic for my recommendations for the week would be exactly that: New Beginnings. These are the anime that set the framework for something that could become amazing if given the chance to finish. Not only did these titles do something good in and of themselves, but they also have the potential to become so much more in time.

Since this is going to be just anime… I’m going to give you one from each season spanning a variety of different genres and styles. So here we go, some of the best beginnings of the year are within!

Nisekoi (Anime)

Nisekoi was a strange show… it had such an awkward seeming premise. The heirs to two gangs forced to pretend to be deeply in love to prevent a gangwar despite despising each other? But… it was so hilarious. So very hilarious. This is easily one of my top two comedy anime of all time, and there is so much more for them to tell.

No Game No Life (Anime)

Spring is the season for new life, and apparently new anime… picking No Game No Life should have been an obvious choice, but when faced with the competition it had, even it struggled. But No Game No Life was my #2 anime for Spring/Summer and, damnit, I wanna see Blank challenge Tet. The show was great in nearly every way, and it just ended on such a massive cliffhanger.

Aldnoah.Zero (Anime)

Summer’s choice is a sci-fi anime that had such an incredible start. Aldnoah.Zero didn’t pull any punches and it kept the pace going well. It just, had a really strange ending, one that left me questioning whether I actually wanted more. But, in a way, that’s a great way to make me watch more – since I’m now curious as to whether I’m wrong to fear. And, fortunately, it’s coming this Winter, so we’ll know soon!

The Fruit of Grisaia (Anime)

And as we reach fall it’s time to talk fruit… The Fruit of Grisaia to be specific. Grisaia presented a story that, at first, I wrote off as just another ‘harem anime’ but there were little hints of so much more present within. And as the show approached its ending, I started craving more. So when the finale came and announced that more is to come, you can imagine I was excited.

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