Weekly Recommendations – Best Dressed 2014

As we approach the end of the year, it is nice to take a look back at the events of the year… so all month I’m going to do recommendations focused on highlighting some great titles from this year.

This week I’m going to offer some of the games and anime from this year that featured some of the most awesome outfits and best dressed characters around.

The Irregular at Magic High School (Anime)

While, in general, the outfits in Irregular were pretty much all fantastic, it was the leading ladies that really stood out in this one. Taking already elegant dresses and adding beautiful translucent flaring trails – the outfits are just amazing. These are truly some of the best dressed characters you’ll find in anime anywhere, much less this year… and what’s more, their outfits weren’t entirely absurd which is even more unique among anime outfits.

I think what impressed me most was despite what were clearly intended to be stunning characters, there was virtually no overt sexualization.

Tales of Xillia 2 (Game)

Tales of Xillia was a fantastic game from this past summer, and I really loved every moment of it… it fits here in particular because nearly every character had at least one distinct, practical, and fantastic outfit. From Jude with his modified doctor’s overcoat to Alvin, Rowen, and Gaius with their incredibly stylish suits and Elize and Elle with their adorable little dresses… nearly every character had a plethora of awesome outfits.

No Game No Life (Anime)

No Game No Life’s protagonists were on opposite ends of the dress spectrum. While I wouldn’t call Sora “Best Dressed”, after all he is wearing very casual clothing, his outfit made a unique and fitting statement. His sort of ragged appearance matched his lifestyle, but his t-shirt which said ‘I <3 Humanity’ seems sarcastic until you get to understand him as a character a bit better. His outfit shows his personality and has real meaning… and that is why it warrants mention here.

But Shiro, on the other hand… her outfit is simply adorable. The simplicity of her dress coordinates so well with the impressively elaborate colours in her hair to create a memorable impression. When I first came up with this category, she was who I first thought of for this reason. Being ‘well dressed’ is not just a matter of clothing, after all, and Shiro embodies that perfectly.


Expect more unique recommendations from the past year in the weeks to come!

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