Weekly Recommendations – Family Time

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good December and that everyone has a Merry Christmas, if you choose to celebrate it. Since it is the Holiday season, that means family time… so this week’s suggestions will be focused on some of the best family friendly titles of the year. These are anime and games that are great for parents to share with their kids and vice versa.

Little Big Planet 3 (Game)

The first, and most obvious, suggestion has to be Little Big Planet. A game full of adorable puppet-like characters in a world that features cooperative multiplayer and encourages creativity… it really is the ideal game for a parent and their children to share. And there are even various different themed packs for to you enjoy… ranging from Disney packs like Frozen to game packs like God of War or even holiday packs – there are even a few Christmas packs out there, for example. These packs include costumes, stamps, props, and other stuff for you to customize your little characters and worlds to your heart’s content.

HaNaYaMaTa (Anime)

A lot of the anime I watch have mature themes, or subject matter, or violence… so it’s not the easiest task to find a good recommendation for a family friendly anime. But HaNaYaMaTa is different… HaNaYaMaTa is the story of five young girls as they become friends and learn Yosakoi. It’s such a charming story, and it has a great message buried in it. It even has a happy ending! (I promise, but it might be best to watch the last few episodes in a row if you don’t want your kids left with a teary cliff-hanger)

Child of Light (Game)

Child of Light has a bit of a dark story, like any good fairy tale, but it’s a great game to play with family. The happy ending is made all the more impressive by the dark places the game explores… but the other half of what is so special about this game as a family game is that it has one of the best ‘child friendly coop’ modes I’ve ever seen. The second player can control a small firefly who can do a variety of things and is absolutely essential to the game… it’s just so cleverly designed, and it can help a second person feel involved which is perfect for playing a game with a child or other non-gamer family member.


Happy Holidays and hopefully you all have plenty of gaming time during the season!

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