Weekly Recommendations – Splodey!

For my second set of wrap-up recommendations for 2014… I’m going to offer some of the best explosions of the year.

Aldnoah.Zero (Anime)

First up, Aldnoah.Zero.┬áThis show did a lot of great things… but we’re not here to talk about any of those. There are no explosions quite like mech explosions… with their crazy weaponry and their flammable parts. Mech shows are almost always a joy to behold for that reason alone… but Aldnoah.Zero takes it one step further. In the first episode alone you get to see a rather significant explosion around a car, some other small explosions, and finally a giant explosion in which several large swaths of the planet explode.

Glorious, glorious splosions.

Infamous: Second Son (Game)

Second Son was not my favourite Infamous game in general, but it definitely was the prettiest. And the stars of the show, so to speak, were the various explosion effects you could get… most notably the Neon Karmic power. But, I won’t blather on about this… take a gander…

Isn’t that just glorious… the game is full of effects like that all over the place.┬áJust a dream of explosions everywhere you look.

Strike the Blood (Anime)

Strike the Blood is about a kid who gets turned into a vampire lord, complete with all the amazing powers that come included with that… kind of. He has to uncover these powers, and over time you get to see him fight a variety of interesting monsters… and his powers are mostly very flashy. There’s a lot of lightning, and fire, and other effects that all cause explosions of fun. It’s another great option, especially if you like your explosions a little less… mechanical in nature.


Honorable Mention: Resogun (Game)

Resogun┬átechnically is not from this year… but since it is eligible for my end-year awards, as you saw just yesterday, I feel it fits here… since the voxel-based explosions are simply spectacular. Trust me on this, if you’ve never played this game and you like explosions… you are seriously missing out.


Hope you’ve enjoyed these recommendations! Keep an eye out for a lot more end-year content coming soon!

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