Blade’s Edge Update – Looking back at 2014, January and Plans for 2015

Happy New Years guys! It’s been an amazing 2014, featuring some amazing games and anime – some surprisingly so, others exactly as expected – and fall is ending on an amazing high note… I’ve had a great Christmas/New Years so far, and it’s looking like it’s only going to get better.

Year in Review

There were a few things I wanted to accomplish this past year… and for the most part I’m really happy with how the year went. I had a few people asking me for more anime content, and this past year I think around half my content focused on anime. So I hope you guys have enjoyed that! I’ve started doing review blitzes at the end of each anime season where I pump out as many as 2-4 reviews a week until I’ve got the last season’s content all reviewed for you guys, I’m watching 8-10 anime per season and it’s been great. Gaming content has slowed down, but mostly because there simply hasn’t been much I’ve wanted to write about so once that changes I promise you guys more reviews and comparison pieces. I revised my end-year wrap up format, and while this year was a bit of a transition, we’ve got things in place for next year to really take the new format into full swing.

One thing I’ve struggled a lot with, due to illness and a weird work schedule, has been consistency… prior to this year I’d sometimes struggle to pump out even one post in a week and sometimes there would be massive gaps between articles. My commitment, starting midway through this past year, was to do two posts a week for you guys – and thus far I’ve lived up to that every week. It’s been tough, but it’s been a great learning experience on how to balance my time. I don’t plan to let that slide unless something horrible happens, so you can expect at least 2 posts per week continuing from here on.

My final goal this year was to start streaming. It took a lot longer than I’d originally planned, but as of November I am a twitch streamer. I plan to do at least 3 streams per week, more as possible, and have had such an incredible time sharing Catherine, Symphony of the Night, and now Tales of Xillia with you all. Xillia is still ongoing, and I will be streaming tonight continuing the playthrough so I hope some of you will join me on my twitch stream! I’m planning to continue streaming a variety of games for you all, with my next game to be decided by all of you guys!

And finally… and possibly most importantly… my twitter egg has hatched! For any of you wondering where the picture came from, it’s one of my favourites from my trip to Vancouver earlier this year.


January will be the true start of my fall anime review blitz, with When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace being first and being posted either tonight or tomorrow! Several others will follow, and these next few weeks will be packed with anime. Also, within the next two weeks I’ll be posting my Best Anime of Summer/Fall 2014 Shadow’s Six list – once I’ve had a chance to finish all of my fall series and take some time to really think about them and rank them against the summer stuff. I also have one other Shadow’s Six I’d like to do, and I still haven’t had the chance to do the AMV spotlight I wanted to do last month.

As far as gaming content goes, I’m saddened to say there still won’t be much. As far as confirmed games go, there is only one game coming out in January I’m really interested in. That doesn’t mean there will be no posts, but there sadly won’t be many. I am planning to commit some time to finishing Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment so I will hopefully review that this month, and I will be doing a short impressions post of Dragon Age: Inquisition since I haven’t had the motivation to play it in weeks, and I think that speaks pretty strongly to my opinion of the game. Maybe I’ll finish it someday, but that day won’t be soon. Oh, and that one game I mentioned before? Heroes of Might and Magic 3 is getting an HD remake at the end of the month. I will definitely be playing it as long as it isn’t Steam exclusive, but it’s a very long game so I don’t see myself playing enough to be satisfied sharing my impressions in the two days I’ll have to play it before February starts.

I also just realized that we never did the post-processing for the C4 pictures from this year. Things were pretty rough after C4, so it just kinda got shoved into the ‘to do’ list somewhere and forgotten about. I’m sorry, and we’ll try to get those ready soon!

2015 Plans

I’m really pleased with how things are going right now, so I’m not aiming to change too much.

The new format for anime ‘best of’ is going to be sticking around, with Winter/Spring actually directly following the end of the Spring season this time. This should limit the amount of ‘best of’ spam in December. I’m planning to start doing more ‘best moments of’ posts, since people really seemed to enjoy my Sword Art Online one. Not every anime is suited to it, but I have a few ideas for ones I’d like to do it for. I’m also hoping to, time permitting, revisit a few older anime I’ve missed over the years during the ‘quiet times’ between the ends of seasons so I can see some of the anime I’ve always wanted to see but haven’t made the time for.

On the gaming front, I have a few big plans. First and foremost, after I finish a game on stream, I’m going to start doing a set of posts revisiting it from a streamer’s perspective. I’ve noticed that streaming a game is a completely different experience from just playing it, and I’d love to share my impressions of the way games were when I streamed them. Also, now that I am able to, I’m going to start including videos and screenshots in more of what I do. The Elgato will allow me to do that for PS3 games, and the PS4’s built-in share service should make it easy for that. I’ve already done so for a few games back when the PS4 first came out, but I’d love to start doing it for more of them. You guys deserve shiny pictures and videos, and dagnabbit I’m going to give them to you. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy on my Vita, so I may not be able to do it for Vita games. But we’ll see.

And, finally… I’m hoping to try to structure my streaming schedule a bit. My work schedule makes it hard, but I can do better than I have been at least. This may take a while, as I have to really figure out what times are feasible based off of the different shifts I work sometimes and based off of when my wife wants to spend time with me, but it’s one of my big goals for the year.


Any of you guys have any big plans for the year? Anything for January I should be looking out for? Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts!

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