Weekly Recommendations – Not for Everyone

This day and age, with all of the talk of ‘mass appeal’ and the constant discussion of sales/viewership numbers…. it can be hard to find games or anime that don’t make concessions for that. Ones that are unwilling to sway from vision for the sake of increasing sales numbers or broadening their audience. So when you find one that is so pure in vision… it deserves recognition. Today I’m going to recommend a few that fit that bill…. these may not be the perfect shows and games for everyone, but if you’re who they’re aimed towards, you can bet they’ll be perfect for you.

Trinity Seven (Anime)

First on this list is the anime I just reviewed, Trinity Seven. This show is vulgar, crude and shameless… but it’s everything that a fantasy harem anime should be. There are those of you out there who will hate it, I have absolutely no question of that. But if you’re the type who can appreciate this type of story for what it is and not expect it to be anything else… then it’s honesty and self-awareness will be refreshing and hilarious.

Atelier Escha & Logy (Game)

While I am specifically recommending Escha & Logy, this recommendation really covers the entire series. The Atelier series is girly, it’s silly, and it’s very devoted to being ‘The Crafting RPG’. And each game gets closer and closer to being ‘perfect’ at what it does. Escha & Logy has come surprisingly close, and it was a fantastic experience… one I had a hard time finding fault with. The only issues I could see were things they weren’t aiming to do, so how could I really complain – they weren’t problems, just things the game never meant to do. And there’s something positive to be said for recognizing that you don’t have to do those things, in my eyes.

Another (Anime)

The horror genre is one of the best genres for finding these experiences… since horror is a genre that is somewhat inherently specialized. You’ll be hard pressed to find ‘mass appeal’ in the genre, since it has such a unique goal. And, well, the shining example of ‘focused experience’ is Another. Another is the king of suspense, which is something that might unnerve some. And the gore in the show, combined with the horrible acts that happen over the course of the game, could easily turn a lot of people away… but that’s the beauty of it. It’s the perfect showcase of this style of suspense horror… and that’s all it is.


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this showcase of some of the best niche titles out there. Got any little gems or your own to share?

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