Weekly Recommendations – Sick Time at Home

So, I’m not feeling too great, and my wife is quite sick right now as I write this… so I thought I’d share some of the best options to pass the time while you’re sick. These are my favourite games and anime to curl up with when I have a lonely, sick day at home with nothing to do…

Sabagebu (Anime)

Sabagebu is a great anime in general, with an amazing cast, good music, tons of humour, and a hilarious narrator(yes this is a selling point), but it’s especially good when you’re sick. Afterall, when you’re sick you never know when you’re going to want to nod off and take a nap, have to run to the bathroom, go take a shower, or just zone out… and an anime with so little continuing narrative is perfect for this. Every episode is a set of a few stories, all almost completely self-contained, and all amazing. It’s like a set of animated Sunday morning cartoon strips, only full of shooting, hilarious characters, and interesting little plots – something the Sunday Morning cartoons have never been good at. Sabagebu is just as funny the fifth time as it was the first… so put this one on your list of ‘go-to’ anime to watch when you want something to just take your mind off how awful you’re feeling.

Flower (Game)

Flower might just be the perfect game for when you’re sick. Not only is it calming and soothing, but it’s a game you cannot make a mistake in… you just float around making stuff pretty. And since sometimes being sick is reminiscent of being on hallucinogens, pretty colours and noises can be the very definition of heaven! Since it is so calming, soothing, and pretty… it is a perfect distraction as well.

The real key aspect of the game that makes it absolutely perfect though… is that there’s no commitment. You can start, stop, or pause at any time… if you feel like napping, just quit – no harm done. If something starts urging you to make a run for another room – you can imagine what I might be referring to I’m sure – just pause it and go! No scrounging for save points, no telling others you gotta go, no dying because you couldn’t pause here… just pause it and go.

Slayers (Anime)

The final recommendation I have is for Slayers. Slayers is one of my favourite childhood anime because it has a perfect mix of action and humour mixed with a fun, light, story. The action and humour will take your mind off your troubles… but since the story is fairly light, there are only a few scenes where you’ll feel like you’ve missed something big if you happen to nod off in the middle. You’ll just wake up to more humour, fancy explosions, and awesome fights. Perfect.

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