Blade’s Edge Update – March is #JRPGMonth

February, the longest feeling month of the year, has passed. Passed without so much as a ripple. The Order came out and was met with disappointment and poor reviews – as I expected – and the combination of poor early footage and an unfortunate early leak of the game led to me changing my mind about trying it. I posted a few anime reviews finishing off my Autumn anime review blitz after a bit of a delay due to some unfortunate health issues between both me and my wife. Oh, and I can’t forget the Playstation Vita’s third birthday which was celebrated by a rather impressive sale – which is still on for another couple of days by the way. But aside from that… not much happened. February passed, and will likely not be remembered.

But March will not suffer the same fate…

For March has been dubbed – by me of course – the Official Month of the JRPG. Why, you ask? Well, it’s simple: Nearly every notable release this month is some form of JRPG. From the Rogue-Lite Awakened Fate Ultimatum to the crafting-based Atelier Shallie, from the visual novel/SRPG Tokyo Twilight Ghosthunters to the more mainstream Final Fantasy Type-0… there are even a few action RPGs originating from Japan such as Oreshika, Toukiden, and the much-anticipated Bloodborne.

With such an incredibly varied lineup coming from such a variety of series, developers, and producers… I don’t see how we can look at this month as anything but JRPG Month. So, in honour of JRPG month, I am going to be focusing my content on JRPGs and releasing Shadow’s Six lists, AMV spotlights(well, gaming music videos, anyways), gaming centric anime content, and reviews of any of the JRPGs I’m able to finish. I am planning to play nearly all of those games, but since they are all JRPGs most of them are likely to take several days to complete, so reviews may take a while.

Additionally, I’ll be celebrating JRPG month on my twitch stream – with every game I play next month being a JRPG. I’ll be finishing up Final Fantasy XIII over the course of the coming week, and then after that I’ll be finding something to play in the short-term while I lead up to March 10th when I’ll hopefully – work permitting – be starting Atelier Shallie. After I finish Atelier Shallie, we’ll see which games are on the menu after that – but I’m going to be taking a good look at my JRPG list and going from there. Also, I’ve just received word at work that I have at least 3 days off in a row by my birthday at the end of the month – which means long streams day in and day out. I’m going to be doing an extra long stream in celebration of my birthday as well but we’ll see what game it ends up being.

For you anime fans, this is going to be a slow one – but there are a couple of articles I have planned that still fit in with the theme. But we’re done the Autumn anime review blitz, so we’ve got until the end of this month before the Winter anime start reaching the point where they’re ready for review… but this does mean that this is a perfect time for #JRPGMonth!

As this post gets posted, I’ll be at Ai-Kon’s Winterfest, so there will be some content from Winterfest going up over the next week – some pictures and a post-show writeup. Aside from that though, this month is going to be all JRPGs all the time… and I can’t wait for it to start.

So, to get this started on the right note… which of this month’s many JRPGs are you most excited for? For me, I’m torn – both Atelier Shallie and Final Fantasy Type-0 have me incredibly excited… but if I had to pick, I think I’d have to go for Atelier Shallie: . There’s just something so rewarding about the way the Atelier games are designed… and I can’t wait to see how they’ve refined the formula for this iteration. What about you? Which one stands out, and if you don’t mind me asking… what has you so excited for it?

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