The Blade’s Edge – February Update

Damn, January flew by fast, didn’t it? Not a lot happened this month, with not a single game coming out I intend to play – since Heroes of Might and Magic 3 HD requires Steam and that’s a dealbreaker. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a lot to do. I finished up my end year wrap up with the Best Anime of 2014’s Summer and Fall Seasons, I started my fall review blitz with reviews of Trinity Seven, Yona of the Dawn, Fruit of Grisaia, Your Lie in April, and When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace.

But more importantly, I’ve continued streaming. Tales of Xillia was quite popular among my viewers, and I then moved on and did streams of Parasite Eve and, just yesterday, Journey. I’m making good progress on Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, but the game is incredibly long and is taking far longer than I’d expected to complete. Only a few more floors to go before I finish Aincrad and see what twist they have next! I also posted my impressions of the incredibly disappointing Dragon Age: Inquistion.

But we’re now into February… the coldest month of the year, the middle of the Winter anime season, and another quiet month….

Journey - Snow

Not. Even though this year’s big games are almost all coming later this year, there are still one or two that are interesting to come this month. We have Apotheon and The Order: 1886 coming for the PS4, both of which I am going to try – although my expectations aren’t all that high. Additionally – and most notably – War for the Overworld, the spiritual successor to the classic Dungeon Keeper games, is supposed to be arriving this month, although a firm date has yet to be announced. Fortunately, unlike Heroes 3 HD, we have confirmation that this will not require Steam.

On the streaming front, my next game is going to be Parasite Eve 2. I will also be doing a short stream of Flower at some point in the coming weeks, on one of my ‘bonus’ days – either a Wednesday or during the weekend. My stream schedule is going to continue to be Tuesday/Thursday/Friday ~7 CST and Wednesdays and Weekends as possible, and if you’d like to help pick what I’ll be playing after Parasite Eve 2, you can check out this strawpoll. Additionally, I am still planning to do additional posts for some of the games I play on stream along the lines of this one I did for Tales of Xillia.


Greek-Inspired Brawler Apotheon

My anime review blitz continues, with a few more still to come – hopefully over the next week or two. Since we are in the middle of a season, I hope to have another Shadow’s Six list later this month, and an AMV spotlight, but the new anime reviews are still a couple of months away. If time permits, I would like to go back and watch some of the shows I’ve missed over the years for the purpose of reviewing them, but we’ll see when time allows this.

Finally, and probably most importantly, this month contains Winterfest. Put on by the Ai-Kon committee as a way to deal with con-withdrawal during the winter, Winterfest is always peaceful, fun, and relaxing – which is strange to say of a convention. This year they’re aiming for a bit smaller scale, with the event occurring within the Delta Hotel instead of the convention centre itself… but it should still be a great event. And hopefully I’ll get some great cosplay pictures.

Winterfest - Banner

Well, that’s February for you… is there anything you’re particularly excited for going on? Lemme know in the comments below!

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