Weekly Recommendations – A Good Laugh

It’s been a while since I’ve highlighted humour in my recommendations, and today seemed like a good time. Afterall, the weather’s gotten so cold there’s nothing you can do but laugh (and cry inside), and my insomnia has hit a point where I’m beginning to feel insanity setting in – or maybe that’s sanity setting in but either way…

So let’s talk about the funnies. Here are some recommendations if you’re looking for a good laugh…

Bodacious Space Pirates (Anime)

I’d almost forgotten about this one – it’d been so long. But Bodacious Space Pirates is as absurd as the name implies. The show features a great cast of misfits who work together with a fantastic protagonist to perform fake piracy. Yes, you heard correctly. And it’s awesome… there’s more to the story than that… but the concept of that is amazing.

Just overall, the show’s humour excels, not only in terms of writing, but also in terms of circumstantial humour. The premise, the events, and the cast all contribute to make this one of the most entertaining anime I’ve seen in a while.

Tales of Xillia 2 (Game)

Video games are rarely comedies. Games are occasionally funny, or satirical… but they’re rarely comedies… because, quite simply, a game that was just funny the whole way through would get tired, old. So what I aimed for here was a game that offered several great humourous moments that kept it from succumbing to the serious subject matter. Both Tales of Xillia games did this well, but Xillia 2 did it spectacularly.

Three characters in particular ensured the game had a light side to it, bringing levity into it without feeling like comic relief. Teepo with his everlasting quest for bazongas, Muzet’s desire to fit in and be loved, and Elle’s sarcastic surprisingly mature humour… these three things add up to make the game hit you at the most unexpected moments with bouts of hysterical laughter.

Nisekoi (Anime)

And, finally… Nisekoi. King of comedy among anime. This is a show that was so hilarious that it prompted my wife to check if everything was okay. She heard me laughing from another room so hard she was concerned… but it was nothing wrong. In fact, it was oh so right.

Nisekoi’s a silly and fun romantic comedy that just never pulls its punches. It’s cast are constantly finding new ways to make you laugh, and it simply works. It’s not a serious story, it’s not the most charming love story you’ll ever see…. but it’s a comedy, and that’s okay. In fact, at this point in time… it’s fantastic.


And now… before my insomnia strikes again, I’m going to go to bed. Hope these comedies help you endure whatever life’s throwing at you!

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