Weekly Recommendations – Twisted History

In honour of The Order: 1886’s Steampunk London setting, I’d like to recommend content that either draws from or provides a twist on history and myth.

Tomb Raider (Video Game)

The most recent Tomb Raider featured an interesting twist on some classic Asian history, the story of Queen Himiko and the Kingdom of Yamatai. In Tomb Raider, this somewhat mysterious Queen was capable of manipulating the weather and her legacy was a land akin to the North American legend of El Dorado. Yamatai’s location has long been debated in real life, and there are conflicting legends about who Himiko herself might have been, so this was fertile ground for a game to play off of.

The Fate/ Series (Anime)

All of the fate shows, and games as well although few of these have crossed into North America, feature mythical and historical figures taking place in a modern war between mages. The show takes these legends and uses their unique history to create appropriate and awesome abilities for them and they’re all different enough to warrant a watch, regardless. Action, historical figures, and magic. Can’t beat it, right?

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