GMV Spotlight – Final Fantasy XIII: Sleep Well, My Angel by TheXenatron

It’s been a while since I’ve done an AMV spotlight… so I’m sorry for that. But I couldn’t let #JRPGMonth without spotlighting at least one of the incredibly talented Game Music Videos(GMVs) out there created for JRPGs. The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy’s outstanding graphics and plethora of cutscenes are perfect for this type of creation, as spotlighted by creator TheXenatron.

There are several reasons I landed on this specific GMV for this post… first and foremost, I wanted to showcase some of the good related to this trilogy which so often gets maligned. I loved my time with the FFXIII games, so I sometimes like to seek out creations that show that others saw the good in it as well… and this GMV does a great job of spotlighting my favourite character of the series: Serah. The relationship, complicated as it was, between Serah and Lightning was one of the series’ highlights.

Within this video, you get a real taste for the reciprocal sisterly love these two have being the only true family they each have left. It does a great job of capturing this bond that crosses time, shatters reality, and even defies fate… you really get a sense for how strong their feelings are through the scenes chosen.

But the story a GMV or AMV tells is not all that is important… the editing and imagery are just as important. It’s very easy for someone making this to go overboard with digital effects and transitions – a mistake that can leave the video painful to watch. Fortunately, TheXenatron seems to understand that, going to great lengths to use maximize use of the actual footage so he can save the added effects for where they’ll have the most impact.

Overall, this is one of the best GMVs I’ve seen, and I’m glad to showcase this talent for all of you.

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