Blade’s Edge Update – April

#JRPGMonth is officially over. I hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I have. But now that it’s over, it’s time to move into April. April – the first month of Spring and the start of the Spring anime season. Also, a surprisingly slow gaming month. But it should be a good month nonetheless!

But first, let us take a look back at #JRPGMonth. Over the course of the month, I had a great month of streaming, completing numerous JRPGs. Some of my favourite moments were Atelier Shallie and Tales of Xillia 2. I also did reviews of Final Fantasy XIII, the second season of Sword Art Online, and Atelier Shallie. I also did a series of Shadow’s Six lists focused on JRPGs including the much-anticipated best JRPGs of all time list. You can view them all by looking through my #JRPGMonth tagged posts. This past month was also my 30th Birthday and I did a 3-day marathon of streams over the past few days to celebrate. On March 30th I did an all-day Catherine stream as well completing it on hard mode start to finish. Was a great time, and the streaming will continue! Stop by my stream sometime if you’d like to see some of it.

Moving forward I’m planning to move a bit away from the JRPGs for a little while. After a month of chaining them, I want something a little different, so I’m currently debating what I’ll play after I finish Star Ocean: The Last Hope but Rayman Origins and Darksiders are currently the frontrunners. If anyone has any input on what you’d like to see, either from among these two or any other games you’d like to see me stream, please sound off in the comments below – I’ll absolutely take any feedback into consideration.

But now, on to April’s release calendar! There are only a few games coming this month that have caught my attention. First of all, in a few days we’ll be seeing the release of War for the Overworld – the spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper that I’ve been waiting far too long for. Later this month, we have both the Playstation release of Shovel Knight and the long-awaited Mighty No 9. Finally, at the end of the month we’ll have the strange yet fascinating PS4 JRPG “Omega Quintet”.

Since I doubt any of you have heard of it, I wanted to discuss it a bit here… Omega Quintet features the unlikely premise of a group of idols having to save the world. But, rather than simply using this as an excuse to have characters in idol outfits, they seem to be actually making use of the premise. The part that really has me intrigued is that as you play the game, you’ll trigger combat sequences where the characters’ music performs in place of the battle music which simply sounds awesome.

But the bulk of my content this month is going to be my Winter anime review blitz. I have at least 6 or 7 shows lined up to review, including continuations of a few older shows and several new ones. Expect reviews of KanColle, Unlimited Fafnir, Saekano, and Testament of Sister New Devil, along with at least a few others. Also I’ll be starting the new Spring Shows and I may share some early impressions of some of them.

Given that the season was fairly short – if anyone has any suggestions for anime they’d like to see me watch and review, please post them in the comments below. I can’t promise I’ll get around to them, but I’ll definitely take any suggestions to heart.

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