Blade’s Edge Update – May

Hard to believe April is already over. Where has the time gone… so I got some of the things I wanted accomplished this month. I got most of my Winter Anime blitz posted, with the second last review for Isuca going up yesterday. The new format for weekly recommendations has been working well, with my new Your Song in April recommendations concluding this past Monday.

I have been streaming Omega Quintet these past few days, and having a blast doing so – it looks like it is likely to continue for at least the rest of this week so please stop by and check it out! I also finished Final Fantasy XIII-2 on stream, and started both Record of Agarest War Zero and Dust: An Elysian Trail which will continue at a later date. Sadly, I didn’t get to play War for the Overworld since the non-Steam version hasn’t been released yet, and Mighty No 9 was delayed to September.

Due to circumstances at work, I may not have as much time to write as I did previously for the next month or two, but I should still be able to keep a good pace going. This will likely keep going into mid-June, but after that hopefully we’ll be able to get back to normal. But now that April is behind us… what’s next?

Honestly, not terribly much for this month. Of course I’ll be reviewing the last of the winter anime I watched as well as Omega Quintet when I finish it. After Omega Quintet I’ll likely go back and finish Dust: An Elysian Trail, and may review that as well. There is also one game coming out this month – a throwback to classic arcade games called Ultratron which I’d like to play.

Aside from reviews, I’m considering doing early (mid-season) impression posts for some of the Spring anime. I’m not sure how well that would work since I really prefer to review anime based off of a full arc or season, but I’d also like to get opinions out there sooner for you guys as well. If any of you have any opinion on the topic, please share in the comments! I’d love to have your feedback!

Of course the Monthly Recommendations will be continuing with a new theme to start next Monday. And finally, I have a Shadow’s Six post upcoming soon. I may do another AMV spotlight, and I have a few other post ideas I’d like to do. But all in all, this is probably going to be a pretty slow month, which will be nice for getting caught up on stuff… and for making sure I celebrate my wife’s birthday properly!

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