Shadow’s Six – Anime That Deserve To Be Continued

I’m sure we’ve all had anime that we watched and were so disappointed when they ended. Those anime that were either so good that you just wish they’d keep going or that ended on such a good cliffhanger that you were just left wanting so much more.

Well today I’d like to count down the six anime that need to be continued… the six shows that deserve more the most. When deciding titles for this list, because there are so many good anime that I’d love to see more of, I tried to focus more on their potential for future content rather than simply how good the show itself was.

There are some amazing shows out there that, while they certainly could keep going, it’s hard to say whether continuing would be more awesome or whether they’d just sour what we already loved. So I tried to eliminate those and focus on the shows that would benefit the most from a sequel rather than simply great shows that could happen to get one.

Sorry Sabagebu, HaNaYaMaTa… I love you but I’m happy with where you ended!

Warning: As always with these lists, minor Spoilers for each of the shows may be contained within this article. Read on at your own peril!

6) Saekano: How To Raise a Boring Girlfriend

Saekano is a show that I just reviewed, but already I want more. It was such an intelligent and clever show, making great use of its characters and its premise. And, where it ended, there is still so much left for these characters to do – their first game isn’t even finished yet!

While a lot of the show’s great moments came from Mr. Ethical’s attempts to convince each of the various reluctant maidens to join his circle… there’s still a great deal of potential even with the circle complete. And this is potential I’d love to see explored, especially after watching how Kato’s character has developed over the course of the series so far!


5) Black Bullet

There are few shows whose endings have pissed me off as much as Black Bullet. I loved the show, and the ending was one of my very few criticisms of this show. It had such a great story with several really cool unfinished storylines. The problem with the ending was that it felt like it was episode 1 of season 2, not the finale of season 1.

So we were left in a place where it seemed like the story had already started, and then given no new content to actually continue it. It leaves you with a sense of disappointment rather than anticipation, due to the way it ended and the length of time between the first season and now. But the series has such potential that I can’t help but hope for more.


4) Bladedance of Elementalers

Despite Claire’s… Claire-ness… I still am really interested in the prospect of more of Bladedance. Bladedance was a harem anime through and through, but there were some truly fascinating concepts hinted at but never explored… concepts that I want to see explored. What is special about Fianna and her family? What is the true story behind Claire’s sister? And mostly, why are Est and Restia taking human form… and what is the link between them?


3) Nanana’s Buried Treasure

This ‘Labyrinth of the Week’ anime is one that was, quite simply, fun to watch. This is the type of show I could easily see get serialized and become a staple for years to come if they put the effort into it. Nanana’s Collection is massive, and since there’s no recorded list of all of her treasures… there’s no real reason why this show couldn’t run for many many seasons.

But with how little exploration her mysterious death was given, I really hope for at least one more season to delve into that concept at least a little further.

Nanana's Buried Treasure

2) Trinity Seven

Don’t get me wrong, Trinity Seven’s ending was great. But the war isn’t over! Arata has his harem, and is pretty happy about that, and he has his powers… but he hasn’t saved Hijiri yet! The series can’t end until his harem is complete. And that requires Hijiri.

But really, this show is absolutely fantastic. Between the self-awareness, the humour, and the brash disregard for convention… Trinity Seven is a show that simply deserves a conclusion, a finale. And right now, all we have is an introduction – a glorious, glorious introduction.

 Trinity Seven

1) No Game No Life

Our #1 entry in this list can be nothing other than No Game No Life. NGNL was one of the best anime I’ve ever seen, earning second on my list of last year’s Winter/Spring anime. But very few anime have ever done such an effective job of wrapping up a season while still leaving plenty of room to grow.

On a conceptual level, as well, this is one of the most interesting shows to see grow. With all of the different races in the world, each being so unique with their own personalities, desires, and games… there’s just so much fertile ground for growth here. And that ending tease… so effective. No Game No Life, more than any other show, deserves to continue. Deserves more time to grow.

No Game No Life

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