Shadow’s Six – Best Moments in Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven… the harem anime to end all harem anime. I raved about this show when I reviewed it, and even going back and watching it again… it still holds up. It had some of the best humour I’ve ever seen, a plethora of amazing fight scenes, and some fantastic characters. This show was good all around, but the two parts that impressed me the most about it – and made it have appeal that extends beyond fans of harem anime – were the magic system and how self-aware it was about what it was. It knew its strongest points, and it made great use of them to create both an amazing fantasy story and the best and most satisfying harem anime I’ve ever seen.

And Trinity Seven is the show that I would like to tackle with my next Shadow’s Six list, a daunting task as you can imagine. How could I possibly narrow this show down to six amazing moments? Sure it was only a single season long but every episode was packed full of awesomeness. When first brainstorming about what the best moments were… the first episode of the show had THREE amazing scenes that we were debating, for example. So, let’s get to it… the best scenes of Trinity Seven!

MAJOR spoilers behind the cut – do not proceed if you do not wish to be spoiled.


6) Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It…

This isn’t a flashy scene and it certainly isn’t action packed. But it is the moment where you realize exactly what this show that you’re about to be watching is all about. Many shows take 3-4 episodes before they have all the pieces in place… but not Trinity Seven. Trinity Seven gives you all the warning you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. About 2/3 of the way into episode 1, the Headmaster of Royal Biblia Academy – a school for mages – says this:


“…get to know the Trinity Seven and make some of them your pawns…”

Our main character, a pervert by nature, responds with “I get it!” and begins his task immediately. This scene is a huge surprise… and a pleasant one. The reason it makes this list is simple: this is the defining moment that sets up the entire show. It is so important that I would’ve been remiss to leave it out, even though it meant leaving two other scenes from episode 1 off the list. This is where my list begins, because this is where the show truly begins.

5) I Dream of Dragon

Next we skip to the fourth episode. Our protagonist, Arata, has just begun to discover his magic. Sure he’s powerful, but he barely knows what he’s doing… and he’s really more of a hindrance than a help at this point. Suddenly, the students fall asleep and they realize that the school’s Sleeping Beauty Yui – a mage who lives, literally, in a dreamworld – has begun to lose control of her power.

Yui & Dragon

They venture through the labyrinth in which she is kept, and upon reaching her room they open it to discover that her dream has become a nightmare. Her magic has manifested itself in a primal evil known as a dragon that seems to be keeping her unconscious form captive. The fight against it is the first real show of magic you get in Trinity Seven, and it also is where we get to see Arata’s power manifest in a controlled manner for the first time. It’s a great scene.

4) Grimoire Duel

Our next key moment is another of the show’s most pivotal fights. We move now to episode 9 – Bible Battle and Sweet Memory. The pivotal moment I want to showcase here is the ‘Bible Battle’ referred to in the title. Let’s set the stage…

One of Biblia Academy’s sister schools has been destroyed. Arata and his harem are sent to investigate, but they’re separated on the way there. Arata, his animate grimoire ‘The Astil Codex’, and Mira arrive at the school to find out that it is somehow standing. While investigating, they discover that they’re actually in a pocket universe sealed behind a magical barrier and none of their magic is working: except that of his grimoire. To make matters worse, they stumble upon a hostile grimoire named Iliad – formally ‘The Iliad Fragment’ – who is obsessed with Arata. In order to protect Arata, the Astil Codex agrees to fight the Iliad Fragment one on one so he and Mira can escape…

Astil Codex

The battle between the two grimoires is short, exciting, and flashy. It is great just for itself, but also because it fits so well into the story… setting matters up for one of those amazing moments that just didn’t quite make the cut for this list. But it is thanks to that that we have…

3) Arin’s Arrival

The scene which follows the Grimoire Duel leaves Arata exhausted and unable to fight. This is when the true plot begins to unfold and we begin to find out the truth. Hijiri returns and attempts to kill Arata! But just as all hope seems lost… the bond between Arata and Arin (since she sees him as her husband) allows her to magically come to his aid – teleporting instantly across the miles to appear at just the right moment to counteract her counterpart’s magic

Arin to the rescue

Her fortuitous arrival turns the tides and tilts the scale in their favour, leading to Hijiri’s inevitable retreat.

2) Selieselotte

Selina is a character who is, during the first segments of the show, often looked down upon. She isn’t a member of the Trinity Seven… she only knows them because her absent sister is the Trinity Seven of Acedia, Lieselotte. Her magic doesn’t seem strong or useful… and she is often simply used as almost comic relief.

Until this scene. Selina takes on an expert fighter, and while she doesn’t win – even members of the Trinity Seven aren’t enough to take her on – she shows that she’s not a pushover and that her magic really is powerful. But then she pulls a trick that makes her seem amazing… she manages to bring her sister back from the temporal pocket she was trapped in, at least temporarily, and gives up her own body so that her sister can have one to fight with. This brings about the entity that I refer to fondly as ‘Selieselotte’.

Lise in Selina's body

It’s good to see a side character get a moment to shine, and then share the spotlight with one of the main characters… and the scene is rife with humour, excitement, and a great showcase of the world’s unique take on magic.

1) Ninja vs Ninja

And now we unveil my favourite moment in the show. Levi, the true star of Trinity Seven (I mean, she’s a ninja…), has a 1 on 1 battle against a legendary fighter… a proverbial titan of combat prowess who just happens to be another ninja. Ninja on ninja action, what more could you ask for?

Ninja v Ninja

But really, this is one of the best fights I’ve seen anywhere, and it fits so perfectly into the series. It showcases the series magic, with fantastic abilities and weapons… it is exciting and terrifying, because you really don’t know what is going to happen. And it showcases both how good Levi is and how good their opponents are.

But more than that… it isn’t cut and dry. It’s not a win or lose and it doesn’t end in the stereotypical way. It ends in a way that is perfect for Levi – both as herself, and a ninja. She ends it in a creative way, but a deceitful one. And I couldn’t very well finish this list without Levi making an appearance.


So what do you guys think? What were your favourites?

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