Ai-Kon 2015 Friday Highlights

The first partial day of Manitoba’s largest anime convention is coming to a close. Attendees have met the guests, been reunited with old friends once again, browsed the enlarged marketplace, binged on the wide array of anime the showing rooms had to offer, and been amazed by the artistic talents of the coplayers roaming the halls.

That is, once they got through the impressive lineup of initial registration. The lineup was impressive – spanning the entirety of the convention centre, wrapping around to the back exit.


Here are some of my favourite moments from Friday. I was blown away by the performance of Fubuki Daiko, who offered an exciting start to the day during the Opening Ceremony.


Ian Sinclair’s q & a panel was hilarious, and when someone asked him if his friends could come sit on the couch, he changed his plans and had a nice chat with them about a shared interest: One Piece.


Of course, my favourite parts are always the cosplay… and I was blown away by a few of the cosplayers I saw this year. Here are my three favourites for the day… first of all, this cosplayer’s weapon caught my eye. Don’t worry, I have some pictures of the full cosplay that’ll be in the gallery later, but I wanted to share this close-up of her weapon first. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.


My wife and I were both really impressed both by the assumed attitude and the accuracy of this Rogue cosplay.


Last, but certainly not least, were four different impressive League of Legends cosplays. I couldn’t pick a favourite, so I’ll let you guys decide which you like most. Here we have Lulu, Ahri, Hecarim, and the devi… sorry, Teemo.

IMG_5520 IMG_5581

IMG_5483 IMG_5606

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